Christians & Refugees

Episode 350: What should be the Christian’s response to the refugee crisis? Related to this is the immigration question. How should we Christians who happen to live in America respond to the foreigners who seek to live among us? I believe there is Biblical teaching about how we, as Christians, should treat the refugees seeking asylum in America. Tune in as I explore Old & New Testament for divine guidance on these important issues.

Today in Church History: Clement of Rome martyred (101)

How Starbucks Stole Christmas

Episode 349: “You’re a mean one…Starbucks?” Apparently Starbucks has become the new Grinch that stole Christmas since this year they have decided to abandon Christmas themed cups for straight red cups. And many conservative Christians are upset about it. They say it is yet another shot fired in the War on Christmas. But is it really? Is Christmas ruined because of Starbucks’ disposable cups? Tune in as I explore this contemporary issue from a Christian perspective.

Question of the Day: Should I, as a Christian, still go to Starbucks?

Today in Church History: Pope Leo I dies (461)

The New Birth

Episode 348: A Christian is one who has been born again or born from above. Unfortunately there is much confusion over what Jesus meant when He said to enter the kingdom one must be born of water & spirit. What is this new birth? Tune in as I unpack John 3.1-8 and seek to allow Christ to explain what it means to be born again.

Today in Church History: James A. Garfield, a preacher in the churches of Christ, is elected President of the United States (1880)

Question of the Day: What does “born of water” mean?