Revelation 19

Episode 189: God has issued his judgment concerning Rome (i.e. Babylon). Now comes the Word of God out of heaven to execute that judgment. Battle lines are drawn up for the Battle of Armageddon and then…tune in to hear what happens.

Question of the Day: What do Mormons really believe (part 1)?

Revelation 18

Episode 188: There’s all kinds of noise in Revelation 18 as angel’s decree the judgment of Rome and as the various people on earth mourn over the destruction of Rome. What about the people of God? Tune in and note the contrast between the mourning of “those who dwell upon the earth” and the saints of God.

Question of the Day: Is the Bible historically reliable (part 2)?

Revelation 17

Episode 187: Revelation 17 unveils for us the identity of the nation or empire which will be judged by God and His wrath poured out upon them: Rome. With heavy emphasis on Old Testament prophecy (esp. Daniel 7), John, by means of angelic interpreter, describes the nation precisely and reveals history before it happens.

The Seven (7) Heads (+ 1) in Revelation 17:

1. Augustus

2. Tiberius

3. Gaius (AKA Caligula)

4. Claudius

5. Nero (“was”)

[3 usurpers who are not counted: Galba, Otho, Vitellius)

6. Vespasian (“is”)

7. Titus (“is to come…for a little while”)

8. Domitian (the beast)

Question of the Day: Is the Bible historically reliable (part 1)?

Pope’s New Balance

Episode 186: So the Pope wants a new “balance” in the Catholic Church or else it will “fail” or “fall.” This is the same guy who said belief in God was optional to going to heaven, right? Tune in as I offer a Biblical perspective for Christ’s church when confronted with talk of “balance.”

Pope warns church must find new balance or fail

Holy Water Contaminated

Atheists OK according to Pope

Question of the Day: Is Satan real?

Believe in the Devil?

Revelation 16

Episode 185: Finally, the seven (7) bowls of God’s wrath are poured out upon the earth as God executes judgment upon Rome. Rome will experience the full wrath of God. Also, there is an interesting set-up for the battle of Armageddon. What is the battle of Armageddon? Tune in as I provide clarity to an oft misunderstood battle.

Question of the Day: Other religions have their sacred writings; what makes the Bible so special?

Revelation 15

Episode 184: Yet another interlude before God pours out His full wrath on “those who dwell upon the earth.” John gets a breathtaking view of some happenings in heaven as something big is prepared.

Question of the Day: Will good people of all churches be saved?

Revelation 14

Episode 183: Revelation 14 is a tricky chapter but it does serve to set the scene for what we will see in the rest of the book. Tune in as I give my brilliant exegesis of this chapter.

Question of the Day: How can we know truth?

Scotland, Syria, & Persecution

Episode 182: Mark McGivern, tabloid journalist who writes for the Daily Record in Scotland, is on the war-path against the church of Christ in Scotland. Today I’m calling him out and taking him to task, while simultaneously presently the Biblical perspective on persecution the world over. How should we view it when it takes place? Tune in as I show what the Bible says.

McGivern’s Smear Campaign – Here, here, and here

Air Force cracking down on Christians

Syrian Rebels Force Conversions

Question of the Day: Is belief in God necessary to go to heaven?

Pope assures Atheists – Belief in God unnecessary to go to heaven

Revelation 13

Episode 181: The beast of the sea. The beast of the earth. The dragon. The mark of the beast. 666. Whew! Busy episode. Tune in as I seek to bring clarity to a complicated and confusing chapter of the Bible.

Question of the Day: Can you please explain the mark of the beast and the number 666?

Revelation 12

Episode 180: The imagery and figures continue to get more bizarre the deeper we get into the book of Revelation. Chapter 12 talks about a woman, a dragon, and the woman’s kids. What is going on here? Tune in as seek to clearly and simply explain what this vision means.

Question of the Day: Was I created for a purpose?