Total Depravity Debate Review

Episode 436: I have been waiting for a church of Christ representative to take up the challenge of responding to a Reformed representative on the doctrines of grace. So I was excited when I saw that Aaron Gallagher from the Gospel Broadcasting Network and Trey Fisher from the Parish Reformed were having public discussions/debates first on baptism (4 discussions/debates) and now on Total Depravity. Unfortunately, for Fisher, Gallaher rag-dolled him for reasons I explain in the lead-up of today’s program. But then I put myself in Fisher’s shoes and offer my own opening statement followed by a couple of answers to a couple questions Gallaher posed to Fisher. Why is it that the church of Christ preacher, yours truly, is able to offer a better opening statement & more cogent answers to the questions posed than the Reformed guy? Tune in as I offer my review of the debate.

Total Depravity/Are babies born innocent? Public Discussion/Debate with Trey Fisher & Aaron Gallagher

Preacher’s Wife REACTS to SFGMC Song

Episode 435: Mrs. Perez stops by the LFTP studio to listen and react to the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus song “A Message from the Gay Community.” Her reaction is not what you expect. Together we discuss the unmasking of the gay (& transgender) agenda as a religious cult bent on, in their own words, “converting” the children. [Disclaimer: Use of the SFGMC song “A Message from the Gay Community” is fair use for critique & instructional purposes]

Progressive Christianity and Repentance

Episode 434: Gay theologian, progressive Christian, & heretic Brandan Robertson has once more provided us with a shockingly bad example of exegesis. His latest example is to say that the Greek word for “repent” in the New Testament is actually a compound word meaning “expand your mind.” I breakdown the several and various ways that Robertson’s argument fails linguistically, exegetically, and biblically.