Blessing Abortion Clinics & Why Religion STILL Matters

Episode 347: So a United Methodist Church pastor & an Episcopalian Church clergy member bless an abortion clinic. No, that is not the beginning of an awful joke; that really happened last week. Now more than ever religion still matters…and I have the article from last week to prove it. Tune in as I explain the flaws of the misplaced faith of these clergy members & why religion still matters in America.

Prayer Rally to “Bless” Abortion Clinic

Why Religion Still Matters

Today in Church History: Pope Clement VI condemns self-flagellation (1349)

Question of the Day: Where in the Bible is self-flagellation condemned?

Angels & Demons, pt.4

Episode 346: In the spiritual realm there are all these malevolent beings busily at war with the church. So what are they are up to? What work are the fallen angels doing? Tune in as I unpack my take on what the spiritual forces are doing and how they are at work even today.

Question of the Day: Are ghosts real?

Bonus Question: What about modern-day demon possession?

Angels & Demon, pt.3

Episode 345: Having looked at the good angels, it is time to take a look at the bad guys. We will especially spend some time talking about their leader – the devil. What are the evil/unclean spirits? Where did demons come from? All these and other questions will be addressed. Tune in to learn about the spiritual forces of darkness.

Question of the Day: Where do fallen angels reside?

What We Learned from the Pope’s Visit to the U.S.

Episode 344: So last week the Pope visited the United States. He made many appearances and gave several speeches. Then he hoped on Holiness One and flew back to the Vatican. So what did we learn from the Pope’s visit to the U.S.? Tune in as I point out several things which may be lessons we can learn from the Pope’s visit.

Pope Francis Undermined Visit, a Coward

Today in Church History: Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) begins broadcasting (1961).

Question of the Day: What do Catholics really believe?