Planned Parenthood Sells Baby Body Parts

Episode 337: You have probably seen the undercover video footage of a conversation between someone posing as a liaison for a company interested in purchasing baby body parts and a Planned Parenthood doctor. If not click here. Tune in as I express some outrage over this while also reminding us of some very important Biblical principles.

Today in Church History: The Life of Anthony (3rd-4th Century)

Sojourners & Strangers

Episode 336: With all the issues du jour which can excite, depress, distress, & anger Christians, it is vital that we remind ourselves of our identity in Christ and in relation to the world. How should the Christian respond when faced with societal shifts & cultural changes? Tune in I breakdown the epistle of 1 Peter to see what Peter wrote to Christian exiles living under empire.

Prepared Not Panicked

Episode 335: Since the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage last week social media has exploded into an idea food fight. Some Christians have inserted themselves into this firestorm. But how should Christians respond to the new law? Does Scripture give us any guidance on this? Tune in as I take a look at a well known Bible account which has an astonishing parallel.

Today in Church History: Lutheran Martin Niemoller arrested for resisting Nazi racism

Question of the Day: Why hasn’t God destroyed America?