Post-Christian Church

Episode 251: Progressive Christianity is the “fifth column” which threatens Christendom in general. They demonstrate an element which is post-Christian in the church. Tune in as I expose the threat progressive theology and progressive Christianity pose to the Christianity.

“Fifth Column” Article

Question of the Day: Did Jesus say anything about homosexuality?

Post-Christian America

Episode 250: Many Christians today talk about America is a post-Christian nation. We have loosed ourselves from our foundational Christian moorings and are drifting into judgment. Perhaps. If so, we can learn much from our brothers and sisters in the pre-Christian Roman empire on how to survive a post-Christian America.

Post-Christian America Article

Question of the Day: Does God exist?

How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell?

Episode 249: One popular objection from skeptics and a serious concern from seekers is, “How can a loving God send people to hell?” As Timothy Keller puts it in his book The Reason for God, “Divine judgment is one of Christianity’s most offensive doctrines” (69). How do we reconcile God’s perfect love with His perfect justice. Tune in as I walk us through this “hot” topic.

The Homosexual Agenda

Episode 248: If you speak up and voice disapproval about homosexual behavior or displays of affection between homosexual couples you will pay for it. Just ask Miami Dolphins safety Don Jones who was suspended and fined for tweeting “omg” and “horrible” when Michael Sam kissed his boyfriend on nationally televised broadcast of the NFL Draft. What is really going on here? What is the agenda of the proponents of homosexual marriage? Tune in as I walk us down the dark corridor of the homosexual agenda, shining the light of God’s Word to expose this darkness.

Dolphins Suspend Safety

The Left’s Push for Child-Adult Sex

Bringing Dark Desires to Light

Homosexual Manifesto

Question of the Day: Does Jesus condemn homosexuality?

NFL Draft Recap

Episode 247: The NFL Draft was this past weekend. The dreams of 256 athletes came true as they heard their name called. But did you notice the inordinate amount of time focused on Michael Sam, the college football player who came out as homosexual earlier this year? He was pick #249, yet he had a live TV crew from ESPN in his home. Tune in as give my analysis of the coverage of Michael Sam at the NFL Draft.

Question of the Day: Is there any NT scripture that tells us we don’t always have to tell the truth?

When We Disagree, pt.4

Episode 246: Brethren disagree. And we disagree about a lot of things.  Having examined the principles in Romans 14-15, what do we do? In this episode, I lay out the 2 + 1 solutions which are available to us when we disagree.