Mars, NSA, & VMAs

Episode 174: A little bit of everything today. A brief look at a new theory of how life came to be on earth; a look at the news sotry of how Evangelical Christians and Catholics are on the religious extremist list of the NSA; and a breakdown of the Miley Cyrus VMA controversy.

Earthlings are really Martians

Pentagon classifies Evangelicals & Catholics as Extremists

Question of the Day: When were the gospels written?

Revelation 7

Episode 173: So what about those who survive the coming Roman persecution? What happens to those who survive the coming persecution? The part of the vision John sees and records in Revelation 7 explains what happens to those who are not “sealed” for persecution.

Question of the Day: Should Christians keep the Sabbath?

Revelation 6

Episode 172: From the throne room of God, seven (7) seals are opened and out come several terrify elements upon the earth, including the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse! Tune in as I breakdown who/what these four horsemen are and what it all means in the context of Revelation.

Question of the Day: Can a Christian fall from grace (and be lost)?

Revelation 5

Episode 172: John is still in the throne room of God, heaven itself (4.1). But a shift takes place as the Lion/Lamb takes center stage and demands everyone’s attention. Tune in a I build a Christology based on what is happening with the Lion/Lamb in heaven.

Question of the Day: Why should I be baptized? (Seven (7) reasons)

Church Suggestions

Episode 171: Is your church friendly enough? Does your worship engage people? A Christian Post article stimulate my thinking and I offer my limited insight into several areas where we in the churches of Christ might make some improvements or at least rethink the way we approach worship and, I mean guests.

Church Spies

Question of the Day: Where in the Bible is incest mentioned or forbidden?

Revelation 4

Episode 170: John (not the church as a whole) is invited into and proceeds to enter the throne room of God. What’s it like up there? What’s going on heaven? Tune in as I breakdown what John sees in the vision and what it means for Christians today.

Question of the Day: How many of your people oppose abortion?

Revelation 3

Episode 169: We continue our steady march through the book of Revelation. In this episode I deal with the final three (3) churches in Asia Jesus addresses – Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea. Tune in as I explain the message Jesus has for each of these churches and make a few connections to our present-day issues.

Questions of the Day: At a funeral people say the deceased is already in heaven.  Are they, or are they awaiting judgment somewhere?