“It’s a Miracle!” – Jesus Heals a Centurion’s Servant

Episode 376: Jesus was an emotional man. He loved, wept, got angry, etc. He also “marveled.” What could cause Jesus’ jaw to drop in amazement? Tune in as we walk through a miracle which is performed because of jaw-dropping faith.

Today in Church History: Pope Innocent I excommunicates Pelagius (417)

Question of the Day: Does God afflict people with the wounds of Christ, as in the movie Stigmata?


Is it OK to pray in silence, and when should you pray out loud?

“It’s a Miracle!” – Jesus Cleanses a Leper

Episode 375: Leviticus 13-14 gives the Law concerning leprosy. In the gospels, we read about a leper who disobeyed the Law in order to draw near to God. Tune in to hear the miracle in Jesus’ ministry when He extended His heart, hands, & healing when He cleansed a leper of his leprosy.

Today in Church History: Hilary of Poitiers Died (368)

Question of the Day: Why don’t preachers say the Lord’s Prayer?