Praying for Our Enemies – Imprecatory Psalms

Episode 333: Psalms of imprecation are those Psalms which make us squirm when we read them. “Break their teeth, O Lord” & “May his days be few.” They are the sons of thunder Psalms which call down fire from heaven. So what can imprecatory Psalms teach us today as New Testament Christians when it comes to our prayer lives, especially praying for our enemies? Tune in as I unpack the significance of these Psalms.

Climate Change

Episode 279: So for the last week the People’s Climate March has been going on around the nation. Of course Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore made appearances…before flying off in a jet or driving away in great big Chevy Suburban (true story). Tune in as I air a sermon I preached earlier this year about the truth concerning climate change and what real global warming looks like according to the Bible.


Episode 230: As we continue through 2014, New Year resolutions are falling by the wayside and perhaps some goals are going unmet. Allow God to give you a pep talk of sorts as He reminds from His Word that we are His masterpiece and consequently have a work and walk to get busy getting after. Tune in as I explain we are made in Christ to engage!

Emboldened by God’s Spirit

Episode 202: Ever get that feeling that you know you should say something but you don’t. Tune in as I present the third & final installment of a sermon series I preached here in Merced about God’ Spirit. Imagine being fearless because you know God will give you exactly what you need. This is part 3 of a 3 part series.

Empowered by God’s Spirit

Episode 198: In this special edition of the podcast, I present a sermon at Merced church of Christ about the power available to Christians who have the Holy Spirit living within them. This is part 2 of a 3 part series.

Part 1