The Death of Tim Keller

Episode 439: Tim Keller, famed pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church and best-selling author, died today at the age of 72. In this episode I remember him by exploring the books he wrote that I read, my favorite sermon from Keller, and my differences with him, or things I disagreed with him on. Leave a comment about what you remember about him.

Wayne Jackson, John Calvin, & God’s Grace, part 2

Episode 438: Two-for-Tuesday! I once again take up brother Wayne Jackson’s article “John Calvin and Grace” from his publication Christian Courier and read what Calvin on each verse Jackson cites in a single paragraph – John 3.16, 1 Timothy 2.4, 2 Peter 3.9, 1 John 2.2. Since Calvin was mentioned but none of his work quoted or dealt with, I thought it fair if Calvin got a fair hearing. We have got to do better with our scholastic endeavors!

Wayne Jackson’s article:

Wayne Jackson, John Calvin, & God’s Grace

Episode 437: The late brother Wayne Jackson was a prolific writer, both of books and for his publication Christian Courier. One of his articles, “John Calvin and Grace,” came across my radar providentially in recent days. However, I was disappointed with the level of engagement with Calvin’s actual writings and arguments. In this episode, I explore the sections in Calvin’s writings which should have been addressed, including from Calvin’s Institutes, his commentary on Titus 2.11, and identifying the distinctions Calvin made concerning God’s grace.

Brother Jackson’s article:

Total Depravity Debate Review

Episode 436: I have been waiting for a church of Christ representative to take up the challenge of responding to a Reformed representative on the doctrines of grace. So I was excited when I saw that Aaron Gallagher from the Gospel Broadcasting Network and Trey Fisher from the Parish Reformed were having public discussions/debates first on baptism (4 discussions/debates) and now on Total Depravity. Unfortunately, for Fisher, Gallaher rag-dolled him for reasons I explain in the lead-up of today’s program. But then I put myself in Fisher’s shoes and offer my own opening statement followed by a couple of answers to a couple questions Gallaher posed to Fisher. Why is it that the church of Christ preacher, yours truly, is able to offer a better opening statement & more cogent answers to the questions posed than the Reformed guy? Tune in as I offer my review of the debate.

Total Depravity/Are babies born innocent? Public Discussion/Debate with Trey Fisher & Aaron Gallagher

Preacher’s Wife REACTS to SFGMC Song

Episode 435: Mrs. Perez stops by the LFTP studio to listen and react to the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus song “A Message from the Gay Community.” Her reaction is not what you expect. Together we discuss the unmasking of the gay (& transgender) agenda as a religious cult bent on, in their own words, “converting” the children. [Disclaimer: Use of the SFGMC song “A Message from the Gay Community” is fair use for critique & instructional purposes]

Progressive Christianity and Repentance

Episode 434: Gay theologian, progressive Christian, & heretic Brandan Robertson has once more provided us with a shockingly bad example of exegesis. His latest example is to say that the Greek word for “repent” in the New Testament is actually a compound word meaning “expand your mind.” I breakdown the several and various ways that Robertson’s argument fails linguistically, exegetically, and biblically.

Richard Dawkins, Greta Thunberg, & the Nature of Facts

Episode 432: An episode about unbelievers who say the quiet part out loud. Richard Dawkins affirms only two sexes – male and female. Greta Thunberg is awarded an honorary doctorate in theology from the University of Helsinki. These two events help us think through the nature of facts. What are facts? We explore the common ground everyone (except for the extreme fringe) would agree upon before pulling the carpet out from under the unbeliever to demonstrate their feet are firmly planted in mid-air when they claim to know facts.

Climate Change – Episode 279

Global Warming – Episode 127

Cross-Purposes: How Distorting the Cross Distorts the Gospel

Episode 431: Liberal/Progressive theologians reinterpret the cross of Christ in a variety of ways. On this episode of the podcast, I tackle two primary ways liberal theologians distort the meaning of the cross of Christ: claiming the cross is “cosmic child abuse” and claiming “there is nothing divine in the blood of the cross.” Then, utilizing John R. W. Stott’s work, I explain the centrality of the cross to the life and message of Christ and why it was necessary for the Son of God to go to the cross.

Andy Stanley’s Continued Apostasy through Deconstruction

Episode 430: Andy Stanley has been the focus of controversy for several years due to his evolving views of Scripture. Recently, a clip from one of his sermons landed on Twitter and has sparked off a new wave of controversy. On this episode I play the clip and respond to it from the Scriptures (much to Stanley’s chagrin) in order to demonstrate the erroneous position he has assumed. Follow along in Acts 2, 17, & 1 Corinthians 15.