Noah: Movie Review

Episode 240: The movie Noah came out last week. Based on what I’m reading, it only resembled the Book in that it had a main character named Noah who built a big boat and then the earth flooded. Much the rest was “creative license.” Tune in as I give you the truth about Noah’s ark.

Deconstructing Noah’s Arc

Abortion, revisited

Episode 239:  Every day, 3,000 babies are murdered in this country. That’s a September 11, 2011 everyday! Of those babies aborted, 35% are black; that’s roughly 17 million of the 55.7 million babies aborted since the legalization of abortion. No wonder the word “genocide” has been used to describe the abortion pandemic in America. Tune in as I provide Biblical and logical reasons why abortion is morally wrong.

Previous Episode on Abortion

Aborted Babies Incinerated

Vatican Chief Justice on Obama

Question of the Day: Is abortion a sin?

Catholicism 3

238: Is the Catholics Church the church of the New Testament? I continue to probe this question examine the doctrines of saints & priests, celibacy of the bishops, and original sin and compare these to the Bible.

Question of the Day: What about infant baptism?

Catholicism 2

Episode 237: Is the Catholic Church the church of the New Testament? I take a look at several doctrines of the Catholic Church to determine if they are Scriptural including calling priests “father,” rosary beads, and the worship and perpetual virginity of Mary. Prepare for some challenging insights.

Catholic Doctrines Which Contradict the Bible

Question of the Day: Was Peter married?

Catholicism 1

Episode 236: So after a year on the job, I take a look back at some of the more controversial moves by the present Pope before taking a closer look at Catholicism in general. The rise of the papacy? Mary the mediatrix? Purgatory? Tune in as I examine these subjects.

Pope Francis Timeline

Question of the Day: What about praying to saints?

Marks of a True Christian, part 2

Episode 236: The name “Christian” is thrown around somewhat flippantly today. What does the New Testament say should characterize one who claims to follow Christ? Tune in as I explain distinguishing characteristics of a true New Testament Christian.

Question of the Day: How do I become a Christian?

New Pope: One Year Later

Episode 235: It has been one year since the 115 Cardinals of the Catholic Church elected Cardinal Jorge Maria Bergoglio as Pope and he assumed the name Pope Francis. So where are we after one year with Francis as the Pope? Tune in as I breakdown how Francis has shaken-up Catholicism and what it means for us non-Catholics.

Secret Pope Haters

Question of the Day: Isn’t the Pope infallible?

Special Edition: Ash Wednesday

Episode 234: I pull a classic out of the LFTP vault where I explain Ash Wednesday. Though the date and place may have changed, the information is still accurate. What is this holy day all about? Tune in as I breakdown the history of Ash Wednesday and why it matters to you.

Marks of a True Christian, part 1

Episode 233: The word “Christian” is used only three (3) times in the New Testament. What can we learn about the fundamental make-up of Christians from this scant evidence? Much! Tune in as I walk us through these texts and what they mean for us as Christians.

Question of the Day: How do I become a Christian?