SCOTUS & Homosexual Marriage


SCOTUS & Homsexual Marriage

Episode 141: The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) issued rulings yesterday which could have implications upon homosexual marriage. Believe it or not, their (non-)rulings go against established precedent from previous cases which SCOTUS has ruled on. Tune in as I point a few cases where traditional, Biblical marriage was championed by the Supreme Court.

Dave Miller’s Marriage Defined Article

Question of the Day: Is being gay a choice or could they be born that way?



Episode 140: Have you heard about Coy? Coy was born a boy. But now at 6 years old, he says he’s a she. Coy was diagnosed at 4 years old as a transgender. Tune in as I delve into the multi-faceted problems with this situation and a Biblical prescription for this.

Question of the Day: Is Jesus God? Or is He merely a god?

Why the Biblical Argument Matters On Homosexual Marriage


Why the Biblical Argument Matters

Episode 139: Remember a few months ago when Bill O’Reilly talked about how those of us opposed to homosexual need a better argument than to “thump the Bible”? Me too. In this episode I break down why the Biblical argument matters in the homosexual marriage debate from a historic view.

Question of the Day: How can hell be both “outer darkness” and a place of fire?


Episode 138: Every day, 3,000 babies are murdered in this country. That’s a September 11, 2011 everyday! No wonder the word “holocaust” has been used to describe the abortion pandemic in America. Tune in as I provide Biblical and logical reasons why abortion is morally wrong.

Question of the Day: Do animals have souls?

Enemies of the Cross of Christ

Episode 137: “Many…walk as [the] enemies of the cross of Christ.” (Philippians 3.18). What did Paul mean when he wrote this? And what does it mean for us today? We’ve probably got some idea of what we think it means, but are we willing to confront the brutal truth contained in this passage? Tune in as I dive into this text.

Question of the Day: Was Peter the first Pope?

Unity, pt. 2

Episode 136: Liberal v. Conservative. Again, isn’t interesting the language we use to talk about one another. And this in light of the New Testament providing us with a language to use (Rom 14). Today the plea continues for unity among brethren but this time aimed at our more “progressive” brethren.

Question of the Day: When should we take the Lord’s Supper?

Unity, pt. 1

Episode 135: Anti- Church. Non-institutional. Institutional. It is interesting the way we in the churches of Christ talk about one another. The root of these monikers is…division. The very thing Jesus prayed against (John 17) is the very thing we cling to with our pet doctrines and institutional affiliations. Tune in as I talk about the need for unity.

Question of the Day: Is the Devil real?