The Rise of Secularism

Episode 331: New pew survey data shows that, coupled with a decline in (progressive) Christianity, secularism is on the rise in America. But why? On this episode, we dig into societal & cultural reasons that secularism seems to be on the rise as well as what the Bible says about this current phenomenon.

Obama administrations hostility toward the Bible

Unprecedented “Assault” on Religion

Today in Church History: The Council of Nicea begins (325)

Question of the Day: What did Jesus mean by “turn the other cheek”? How does this relate to “eye for an eye”?

The Beatitude of the Forgiven Lawbreaker

Episode 330: What do you do when you’ve blown it with God? I mean, royally blown it? King David was one who know about blowing it royally with God, but he also knew the way back home. In this episode, we dive into Psalm 32 to discover what we can do when we have blown it with God.

Today in Church History: Alexander Newcomer becomes a Christian (1858)

Question of the Day: Why doesn’t God just forgive without the cross?

The Decline of (Progressive) Christianity

Episode 329: No doubt by now you have seen the Pew Research Survey data which says that Christianity is in decline. If you haven’t click the link below. However, when you look closer at the numbers, you find a noteworthy trend distinguishing progressive branches of Christendom and more conservative strains of Christianity. What are these findings? Tune in as we dig below the surface and explain what it all means.

Pew Survey

If You Want to Destroy Your Church, Follow a Liberal’s Advice

From Adam to Christ

Episode 327: If you haven’t listened to “The Core of Leadership” or “The Corruption of Leadership,” go back and listen to those episodes to prepare yourself for this episode. If you have listened to those episodes, buckle up because in this episode we hit another gear concerning leadership as we contrast the 1st Adam & the 2nd Adam, who is Christ. Tune in as we seek REAL leadership patterned after the model of Christ.

The Corruption of Leadership

Episode 326:  Genesis serves as a backdrop for the whole Bible, acting as a source story of where everything came from. It also tells us how everything went haywire, especially when it comes to leadership. What does Genesis 3 teach us about leadership? Tune in as I unpack leadership principles from the third chapter of the Bible.

The Core of Leadership

Episode 325: Genesis serves as a backdrop for the whole Bible, acting as a source story of where everything came from. It also explains what was originally intended pertaining many things including leadership. What does Genesis 1 & 2 teach about leadership? Tune in as I walk us through the opening chapters of the Bible to see what leadership principles can be discerned.