Monergism & Synergism

Monergism & Synergism

Episode 107: For centuries, the debate has raged over the sovereignty of God and the responsibility of man. Is regeneration the work of God alone or does man have any responsibility (and ability) in the salvific process. Tune in to hear about the monergistic/synergistic discussion and what Scripture says about it.

Philosophy Against Homosexuality

Philosophy against Homosexuality

Episode 105: Proponents of homosexual marriage say that opponents of homosexual marriage do not have a philosophical argument to stand on. Is that true? Tune as I do my best to explore some of the many philosophical arguments against homosexuality

Supreme Court & Homosexual Marriage

Supreme Court & Homosexual Marriage

Episode 104: The sides are being taken. Lines in the sand are being drawn. The debate for homosexual marriage is taking shape. The Supreme Court is hearing two major cases in the homosexual marriage debate and religious leaders are weighing in. Tune to hear about the diametrically opposed views on Scripture and the homosexual marriage debate.

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Episode 103: Quick recap of yesterday’s episode, followed by a look at the case of Pastor Saeed Abedini who is locked up overseas in Iran. Is there a connection between that religious persecution and something which we as Christians are facing here in the US? Tune in to hear my take on this.

Rob Bell & Homosexuality

Rob Bell & Homosexuality

Episode 102: While doing a part of his book tour, Rob Bell stopped off in San Francisco to “come out” in his support of homosexual marriage. As a media figure who is polarizing and has a lot of limelight on him, this is sure to make wrinkles all over Christendom. But how should we react and what should do with the seeming tidal wave of pro-homosexual figures out there? Tune to hear my take on this episode.

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