Light & Darkness

Episode 316: C. S. Lewis called them “hyphenated Christians.” They are those think that no matter what they do – whether moral or immoral, decent or indecent – so long as they add Christian God will bless them. As Martin Luther would say, “You are the prostitute of heretics!” Tune in as I break down how even Jesus says such behavior is unChristian.

Today in Church History: The exact date of Jesus’ crucifixion…according to J. W. McGarvey (30)

Question of the Day: Why did Jesus die?

Turning Negatives into Positives, p.2

Episode 315: Ultimately, turning negatives into positives is centered in Christ. His death on the cross, though a very dark (negative) event in history, brought about glorious results for mankind, specifically the salvation of souls (positive). When we obey the gospel, though we are dead in our trespasses and sins (negative), we have our sins forgiven and enter into life with God (positive). So at the heart of the gospel is God turning negatives into positives. Tune in as I unpack a few more practical ways in which we can turn negatives into positives.

Today in Church History: Francis Asbury preaches his last sermon (1816)

Question of the Day: How do I stay saved/live the Christian life?

Turning Negatives into Positives, p.1

Episode 314: Many Christians want to know how to turn negatives into positives. When your boss seems only to have negative feedback for you; when your spouse only has bad things to say; when your kids are behaving badly; when a potential health crisis looms – how can we find the silver lining in any of this? In this episode, I explain how we can get off the complain train and “own it and hone it” to turn negatives into positives.

Question of the Day: How do I become a Christian?

A Head with a Heart at the Hospital

Excusing Sin

Episode 313: Last night the final “yes” vote needed to gain a majority was cast and same-sex marriage was approved into the constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA). They are but the latest denomination to do this and their move is instructive. What happens when people who claim to follow Christ approve of and even aid people in committing what God has categorically condemned throughout His Word? Tune in as I open the word and allow it to shed some light on this dark news.

Presbyterians Approve Same-Sex Marriage

Cultures Picks & Chooses What is Changeable

Today in Church History: The First Lateran Council opens in Rome (1123)

Creflo Dollar, St. Patrick’s Day, & Alcohol

Episode 312: Have you heard about Pastor Creflo Dollar’s capital campaign to raise $65 million for a Gulfstream jet? These guys just make it too easy sometimes. Tune in as I discuss this & late breaking developments. PLUS, today is St. Patrick’s Day so I’ll be delving into the history and hysterics surrounding this holiday.

Creflo Dollar’s $65 Million Jet

Today in Church History: St. Patrick Died (c. 460 or 493) AND the 1st St. Patrick’s Day celebration in America (1737)

Question of the Day: Can/Should Christians drink alcohol?

Capital Punishment

Episode 311: A number of states still have the death penalty. However, some Christians do not believe that the death penalty should still practiced. It is too “barbaric” or “cruel and unusual punishment” and America is better than that. Is it ever morally permissible, though, to execute a criminal when the nature of the crime demands such punishment? Tune in as I explore this question from the Bible.

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