“It’s a Miracle!” – Introduction, pt.2

Episode 371: What is the purpose of miracles? And how would we classify the various miracles? Tune in as I work to answer both of those questions regarding miracles as I wrap up the introduction portion of this study.

Today in Church History: Clement of Rome martyred (101)

Question of the Day: Whatever happened to miracles?

“It’s a Miracle!” – Introduction, pt.1

Episode 370: “It’s a miracle!” Ever notice how many events today are called miracles. Are all these things really miracles? And what is a miracle anyway? Tune in as I delve into the subject of miracles and discuss what a miracle is & why miracles were performed.

Today in Church History: Ordination of Jedidiah Morse as a Congregationalist minister (1786)

Question of the Day: Does 1 Corinthians 10:13 really mean things will never get so bad in our lives that we can’t overcome them?

Election 2016

Episode 369: Many have lamented the fact that America has over 300 million citizens and yet Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the two candidates put forward for President. They are the worst of both worlds. So why are we here and what do we do as Christians? Tune in as I explore these questions which may have startling answers. P.S. This will be the only episode about the election.

Today in Church History: John Gill baptized (1716)

Question of the Day: When Jesus drove the demons into the pigs, didn’t He cause loss of property & sin?