The Continued Increase and Acceptability of Homosexuality

Episode 232: So yesterday a federal judge struck down a ban on gay marriage and Arizona governor Jan Brewer vetoed a Senate Bill (1062) which would enable business to refuse service to gay couples. According to recent surveys, homosexuality marriage now has a majority of Americans who find it acceptable. What are Christians to make of this and what are we to do? Tune in as I discuss these current developments.

Texas Gay Marriage Ban Struck Down

Arizona Governor Vetoes Bill

Majority of Americans Support Gay Marriage

Camels & the Reliability of Scripture

Episode 231: So a couple of researchers believe they have found an error in the Bible. They say that the Israelites did not have domesticated camels and yet there are camels all over Genesis. Is it true? Is there an error in your Bible? Tune in as I demonstrate once again that “every word of God proves true.”

Question of the Day: Does God exist?


Episode 230: As we continue through 2014, New Year resolutions are falling by the wayside and perhaps some goals are going unmet. Allow God to give you a pep talk of sorts as He reminds from His Word that we are His masterpiece and consequently have a work and walk to get busy getting after. Tune in as I explain we are made in Christ to engage!


Episode 229: The doctrines of predestination and election literally give me headaches thinking about. Join me as I explore the various views and the development of this doctrine in history with some illustrations along the way to hopefully clarify.


Episode 227: With the rise of secularism and more and more people indicating “non-” or “none” for their religious choice, it just seems that America is becoming godless. What is a Christian to do with the rise of godlessness?¬†¬†Tune in as I share the latest research data of the most godless cities and most religious states and what it means for Christians.

Question of the Day: Is Hell Real?

Godless cities in America

Updated godless cities in America

Most Religious States