Episode 114: Brother Phil Sanders, speaker for In Search of the Lord’s Way, has been bringing us lessons on Postmodernism and it’s effects in culture and church. Today I tackle the topic, addressing both the obstacles and opportunities this mindset presents us as Christians and as a church.

Immoral God?

Episode 113: There are some who claim that innocent vicarious sacrifice is immoral. Thus, God is immoral because He killed His Son for human redemption. Tune in as I point out the egregious logical fallacies in this argument which typically comes from atheists and skeptics.



Episode 112: Do you notice how much talk of “compromise” is coming from Capital Hill these days? In fact, it seems that to be a politician and harbor an uncompromising spirit is taboo. After all, to get anything done you have to compromise, right? Even more important is the threat of compromise to Christians. Tune to hear about how compromise never makes a good deal better, it always makes the best deal worse.

Homosexuality – A Summary

Homosexuality – A Summary

Episode 111: In this episode I summarize much of the various arguments put forward in previous as a wrap-up (for now) on this subject. Tune in to be reminded of why homosexuality in general and homosexual marriage specifically is not just morally wrong but outright bad for America.

Early Church Fathers on Homosexuality

Early Church Fathers on Homosexuality

Episode 110: One could say that the early church fathers were the OG Bible thumpers. What did they think about something like homosexuality? Tune in as I allow them to speak for themselves and have them shine some light on this subject.

Early Church Fathers Quotations

The Biblical Argument Against Homosexuality

The Biblical Argument Against Homosexuality

Episode 109: Every Biblical passage concerning homosexuality is touched upon in this episode. Old Testament & New Testament passages are all addressed: (Gen 9) Genesis 19; Leviticus 18.22; 20.13; Judges 19.22ff; 1 Samuel 18.1-4; 20.41; 23.16; 1 Kings 14.24; 15.12; 2 Kings 23.7; Romans 1.26-27; 1 Cor 6.9-11; 1 Timothy 1.10; Jude 7. If the Bible is the last word on sexual ethics, then what it says about homosexuality matters.