Napkin Notes

Episode 226: Garth Callaghan has cancer and is given only an 8% chance to live. Everyday he packs a napkin with a note written on it in his daughters lunch and has ensured that she will have one for the rest of her academic career (through High School) even if he passes away. What can this simple act of love from a terminal father teach us? Tune in as I make some connections for us.

Napkin Notes Article

Question of the Day:  Is the word “hell” or the phrase “burn in hell” in the Bible?

How to Study the Bible

Episode 225: In light of the dangerous “ways” progressive christians interpret the Bible I thought it would be helpful to lay down some good, solid rules for how to interpret the Bible or rules of hermeneutics. You will hear ten (10) basic rules for properly interpreting the Word of God.

Question of the Day: Does the Bible teach infant baptism? I am a Lutheran and was baptized as an infant.

Hermeneutics & Progressive Christians

Episode 224: Is the current progressive Christian movement with its progressive theology really that great? One writer offers 16 rules (read: ways) progressive Christians use to understand the Bible. Tune as and find out it does not take me long to catch a glaring problem with not just these rules, but progressive theology and Christianity as a whole.

Question of the Day: Is Jesus really the only way to God?

16 Ways Progressive Christians Read the Bible

Upon the Rock #6 – Upon the Rock

Episode 223: Here is the final installment of the Upon the Rock Bible study series put together by brother Phil Sanders. What is God’s ideal for the church in regards to organization and worship? We’ll examine a series of Scriptures in order to get a better idea of how to worship God in Christ. Below is the downloadable worksheet.

Upon The Rock Lesson 5

Upon the Rock #5 – Building a Relationship with God

Episode 222: I believe most people want a relationship with God. So what is the foundation of that relationship? Tune in as I walk us through lesson 5 of the Upon the Rock Bible study series. Downloadable worksheet below.

Upon the Rock Lesson 4

Upon the Rock #4 – The Body of Christ

Episode 221: Join in as I walk through the fourth lesson of the Upon the Rock bible study series. In this installment, we learn about the church: what is it, whose is it, and what does God think of all the different ones? Tune in as we get the answers from the Bible. Below is the downloadable worksheet.

Upon the Rock Lesson 3

Question of the Day: Can you discuss the falling away/apostasy?

Why the Church Is Not Growing

Episode 220: We see the church over in Africa facing intense persecution and yet growing like crazy. When we compare that to our experience…well, we are not facing the same kind of persecution (if any) nor are we growing. What gives? Tune in as I explore this matter.

Question of the Day: Is it true that Jesus created everything?

Reform America

Episode 219: With a new year comes renewed focus on the surrounding landscape of America – politically, socially, economically, etc. In this episode, we touch on the spiritual landscape and how a scene in the Bible eerily parallels our present-day situation in America.

God Save America 2014

Question of the Day: Is Jesus God?