Daniel Finale

Episode 159: We have finished Daniel, but I want to revisit some of the erroneous interpretations out there concerning the prophetic portions of Daniel. Join me as I walk us through several of the incorrect views out there about Daniel and offer the correct interpretation of these sometimes confusing texts.

Artistic representation of the premillenial view of Nebuchadnezzer’s statue (note the toes):

Question of the Day: Who is the “antichrist”?

Daniel 12

Episode 158: We’ve arrived at the end of Daniel and once more encounter the 2,300 days. This time, though, we also have 1,290 days and 1,335 days. What’s all this about? Tune in as I break down a proper understanding of all of these days in Daniel.

2,300 days

March 1, 169 BC – persecution begins by Antiochus IV Epiphanes (see 1 Macc. 1.20-28

June 18, 163 BC – Antiochus dies (see 1 Macc 6.16)

1,290 days

April 19, 167 BC – Daily sacrifice at the temple ends (see 1 Macc 1.29-53)

October 30, 164 BC – Abomination removed (see 1 Macc 4.36-51)

1,335 days (1,290 + 45 days to cleanse the temple)

April 19, 167 BC – Daily sacrifice ends (see 1 Macc 1.29-53)

December 14, 164 BC – Sacrificed renewed (see 1 Macc 4.52)

Question of the Day: What does the Bible say about suicide?

Daniel 11

Episode 157: Daniel 11 is a hotbed for all kinds of faulty notions, especially pertaining to Antichrist. However, as I show in this episode, the vision is for Daniel’s people in the 2nd century BC when a brutal dictator named Antiochus IV Epiphanes rises to power. Tune in as I break this down.

Question of the Day: Why are there so many interpretations of the Bible?

Daniel 10

Episode 156: Daniel 10 is somewhat of a respite from the prophetic visions. It records that has another vision, but the details of the vision are yet forthcoming in chapter 11. In the meantime, Daniel’s reaction to the vision as well as God’s response to Daniel’s reaction are on display. Tune in a I walk us through the prologue, as it were, for chapters 11 & 12.

Question of the Day: Can we all understand the Bible alike?

Daniel 9

Daniel 9

Episode 151: A lot is made of the “70 weeks” or “70 sevens” of Daniel. But what are these 70 weeks and what is going to take place during them? How should we understand them? Tune in as I present a proper view of the 70 weeks of Daniel.

Daniel 8

Daniel 8

Episode 150: A shaggy goat fights a ram in an open canal – must be another of Daniel’s visions! Tune in as I unpack Daniel 8 and allow the Bible to interpret for us what the vision means with some historical stuff tossed in for clarity.

Meaning of the 2,300 evenings and mornings:

169 BC – Persecution begins (March 1, 169 BC) – see 1 Maccabees 1.20-28

163 BC – Antiochus Epiphanes IV dies (June 18,163 BC) – see 1 Maccabees 6.16

Question of the Day: Is it OK to vote for a woman in politics?

Daniel 7

Daniel 7

Episode 149: We enter into the highly figurative prophecy section of the book of Daniel. What does Daniel see in his vision? What is this fourth beast with ten horns + 1? Tune in as we walk through Daniel and allow him to explain what the vision means.

10+1 Horns/Kings of Rome:

1. Augustus – 41 years

2. Tiberius – 23 years

3. Caligula – 4 years

4. Claudius – 13 years

5. Nero – 31 years

6. Galba – 6 months (uprooted)

7. Otho – 4 months (uprooted)

8. Vitellius – 9 months (uprooted)

9. Vespasian – 10 years

10. Titus – 2 Years

Little Horn – Domitian – 15 years (uproot-er)

Daniel 6

Daniel 6

Episode 148: Daniel is an old, old man in Babylon…er, that is Medo-Persia, but he is still finding the favor of God. Then some guys show up with a plot to kill Daniel so they can advance themselves in the kingdom. What will become of Daniel in the lion’s den? Tune in as I break down a familiar story.

Question of the Day: Is there a contradiction between 2 Kings 12.13 & 2 Chronicles 24.14?

Daniel 5

Daniel 5

Episode 147: Daniel 5 presents some historical knots which need to be unraveled. King Belshazzar? What about Nabonidus who was king historically speaking in 539BC? And what’s all this talk about “third ruler in the kingdom”? Tune in as we untie this knot and unpack this text.

Question of the Day: See above.

Daniel 4

Daniel 4

Episode 146: Daniel 4 contains a vision about a great big tree. But what is that prophecy really all about. Tune in as I allow Daniel to explain the meaning and interpretation of the prophecy of the vision.

Question of the Day: What kind of punishment, other than heat, will be in hell?