Episode 305: So the New England Patriots are going to the Super Bowl, but only because they cheated. 11 of the 12 footballs they played with were underinflated. Tune in as I work to find the spiritual perspective on this current event.

Today in Church History: Pope Clement VI issues papal bull Unigenitus (1343)

Question of the Day: Is cheating a sin?

Abortion III

Episode 304: 42 years ago Roe V. Wade legalized abortion in the United States. Since then, some 57 million America babies have been systematically slaughtered by the abortion industry. Recently, I went to a pro-life rally and in today’s episode I share some of my experiences from that excursion.


Abortion, revisited

Today in (Church) History: Roe v. Wade legalized abortion (1973)

Question of the Day: Is having an abortion a sin?


Episode 303: Elijah the prophet once prayed for a drought. California is in the middle of a drought. So what are some connections which might be helpful or at least worth consideration given what we know about droughts in Scripture? Tune in as I “think aloud” some of these helpful considerations and how they may be relevant today.

Today in Church History: Martyrdom of 13 year old Agnes (304) AND Orthodox priest Peter Alexeyevich Bulgakov in the USSR (1931)

Question of the Day: Is America under the judgment of God?


Episode 302: If spiritual growth were likened unto a swimming, too many Christians would be hanging out, splashing around in the shallow end. God expects & desires for His people to learn to swim and go out into the deep end. Tune in as we see God’s rebuke of shallowness and His request for us to go deeper from Hebrews 5.11-6.3.

Today in Church History: Hilary of Poitiers dies (368)

Question of the Day: What is an Arian?

Terror in France

Episode 301: Radical Islamic terrorists struck a French newspaper last week over its satirical depiction of the prophet Muhammad in a cartoon. And Islam is a religion of peace? Tune in as I demonstrate why Islam is a morally bankrupt as well as historically inaccurate religious system.

Previous teaching on Islam

Today in Church History: 53 Christians beheaded in Japan (1629)

Question of the Day: How are Islam & Christianity different?

Praying to Jesus

Episode 300: Wow! The 300th episode of the podcast. And for this episode I will do what I do best and that is break down a controversy with eloquence & clarity: Can we pray to Jesus? May we pray to Jesus? Tune in as I unpack a little background on this controversy and provide a Biblical answer.

Music Credit: Led Zeppelin. “When the Levee Breaks.” Led Zeppelin IV. Atlantic, 1971.

The Necessity of Atonement

Episode 299: God atones for sin through the vicarious sacrifice of Jesus. But why? Why was the death of Jesus, the Lord of glory, necessary for atonement? Tune in as I break down a few different views of the necessity of atonement.