Hermeneutics & Progressive Christians

Episode 224: Is the current progressive Christian movement with its progressive theology really that great? One writer offers 16 rules (read: ways) progressive Christians use to understand the Bible. Tune as and find out it does not take me long to catch a glaring problem with not just these rules, but progressive theology and Christianity as a whole.

Question of the Day: Is Jesus really the only way to God?

16 Ways Progressive Christians Read the Bible

Atheists & Truth

Episode 163: They say there are no atheists in foxholes…apparently they’re all hiding out at JAG. Atheists are intend on bringing a lawsuit against the Marines for a mental health questionnaire they make soldiers fill out asking if they have had a “loss or lack of spiritual faith.” Tune in I approach this current event from a very subtle direction.

U.S. Military has problem with atheists

Question of the Day: Do you think our country is doomed because of the way things are going in our government?

Rob Bell & Homosexuality, part 2

Episode 117: So he’s at again. While on tour for his latest book, Rob Bell, former pastor of Mars Hill megachurch, has affirmed previous comments made in favor of homosexuality. Join me as I attempt to dissect the postmodern double-speak.

Christian Post article: http://www.christianpost.com/news/rob-bell-grows-frustrated-amid-questions-on-sinfulness-of-homosexuality-95209/


Episode 114: Brother Phil Sanders, speaker for In Search of the Lord’s Way, has been bringing us lessons on Postmodernism and it’s effects in culture and church. Today I tackle the topic, addressing both the obstacles and opportunities this mindset presents us as Christians and as a church.