Episode 211: Tomorrow is a national holiday whereupon we give thanks for a variety of reasons and blessings. Tune in as I share some of the things I’m thankful for and why it is so important we be grateful people.

Beatitudes #7 – Blessed are the Benevolent

Episode 210: Peace is something people desire. We hate tension and hostility and try to avoid at all costs. So when Jesus says Blessed are the peacemakers, what exactly is He calling to? Tune in as I breakdown this powerful beatitude.

Question of the Day: Do you think our country is doomed because of the way things are going in our government?

Intuitively Religious

Episode 209: Many today are perfectly happy without religion. Why should they bother with religion? In today’s episode, I explore this very good question, pointing out that ultimately man was built for religious experiences with his Creator.

Beatitudes #6 – Blessed are the Blameless

Episode 208: “No-man can exhaust this verse.” So said D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones about Matthew 5.8 – Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Tune in as I do my best to explain the meaning and significance of this short verse for Christians.

Question of the Day: Did Jesus ever sin?

Beatitudes #5 – Blessed are the Beneficent

Episode 207: Who is it that cries out for mercy? The guilty! And each one of us is guilty so everyone needs mercy. Jesus explains how we can receive the mercy of God in today’s beatitude – Blessed are the merciful…Tune in as we explore this convicting statement.

Question of the Day: Did Jesus really exist?

What the Bible Says to LGBT

Episode 206: In the previous episode, I broke down God’s settled disposition toward LGBT behavior – He is opposed to it. Why? It is sin. So…seeing what God says about LGBT, what does God say to those who engage in LGBT behavior? Tune in as I examine this vital question.

Question of the Day: Did Jesus really create everything? Is it true that Jesus created everything?

What the Bible says about LGBT

Episode 205: California’s state legislature recently passed and the governor signed into law a bill (AB 1266) allowing so-called transgender boys and girls to use the opposite sex bathrooms and showers. Does God address the LGBT behavior and lifestyle? Tune in as I address each letter of this acronym and show from the Bible what God says about each.

Beatitudes #4 – Blessed are the Bone-Dry

Episode 204: Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. But are we really starving for God? Are we longing for Him as though we are dying of thirst? Tune in we examine this rich text.

Question of the Day: Was Jesus really tempted?

Beatitudes #3 – Blessed are the Benign

Episode 203: Many people have a wrong idea about what meekness is – a meek man is either a limp-wristed namby-pamby or an over-the-top oober-goober syrupy gladhander. Meekness is none of this. Tune to get a better understanding what Jesus means when He says, Blessed are the meek

Question of the Day: Does my baby need to be baptized?