The Necessity of Atonement

Episode 299: God atones for sin through the vicarious sacrifice of Jesus. But why? Why was the death of Jesus, the Lord of glory, necessary for atonement? Tune in as I break down a few different views of the necessity of atonement.

3 responses to “The Necessity of Atonement

  1. Nick, I was working through this question this past week as well. Have you read Jim McGuiggan’s book The Dragon Slayer? He does not believe in the penal substitution view, because he says scripture does not ever say the Father was “angry at Jesus” but rather the opposite that the Father was always pleased with the Son. In his book, (which I have loaned out to someone and still have yet to get it back to finish it) he gives his view from scripture about how Jesus accomplishes atonement by His death on the cross.

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