The Corruption of Leadership

Episode 326:  Genesis serves as a backdrop for the whole Bible, acting as a source story of where everything came from. It also tells us how everything went haywire, especially when it comes to leadership. What does Genesis 3 teach us about leadership? Tune in as I unpack leadership principles from the third chapter of the Bible.

Normalization of Error

Episode 296: How did we get to the place where Lauren from Lipscomb is the now the Preaching Intern for the 4th Avenue Church of Christ in Franklin, TN? What is the process for normalizing error? Tune in as I discuss the process and the consequences such choices can bring if left unchecked.

Question of the Day: Can women serve in leadership roles in the church?

Today in Church History: Marriage of Ruth Magongo to Enoch Litswele who serve as missionaries in Africa (1960) & the death of Karl Barth (1968).

Gender Justice

Episode 295: Lauren from Lipscomb is the new Preaching Intern at 4th Avenue Church of Christ in Franklin, TN. It looks like she has a bright future ahead of her as a preacher. Does anyone else sense a disturbance in the Force here? Tune in as explain the situation and offer what the Bible says concerning spiritual leadership.

Today in Church History: Rose Lathrop & Alice Huber found the Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne, also known as Servants of Relief for Incurable Cancer. (1900)

Question of the Day: What about the women?

The Homosexual Agenda

Episode 248: If you speak up and voice disapproval about homosexual behavior or displays of affection between homosexual couples you will pay for it. Just ask Miami Dolphins safety Don Jones who was suspended and fined for tweeting “omg” and “horrible” when Michael Sam kissed his boyfriend on nationally televised broadcast of the NFL Draft. What is really going on here? What is the agenda of the proponents of homosexual marriage? Tune in as I walk us down the dark corridor of the homosexual agenda, shining the light of God’s Word to expose this darkness.

Dolphins Suspend Safety

The Left’s Push for Child-Adult Sex

Bringing Dark Desires to Light

Homosexual Manifesto

Question of the Day: Does Jesus condemn homosexuality?


Episode 120: Last week I exposed the insidious plot of some brethren who want to have female keynotes are lectureships. I call it insidious because their movements seem stealth and covert – as though they want to infiltrate. Tune in today as I identify the problem with their exegesis of Galatians 3.28 and why it works against them. Also discover the proper attitude we should have toward what God has said concerning women in the assembly.

Gender Inclusive Church

Episode 118: So the Church of England put it to a vote and the proposal to allow women to serve as bishops was voted down last November. What does this have to with the church of Christ in America? Tune as we identify a movement in our fellowship which seeks for women to keynote at lectureships across the country.

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