Total Depravity Debate Review

Episode 436: I have been waiting for a church of Christ representative to take up the challenge of responding to a Reformed representative on the doctrines of grace. So I was excited when I saw that Aaron Gallagher from the Gospel Broadcasting Network and Trey Fisher from the Parish Reformed were having public discussions/debates first on baptism (4 discussions/debates) and now on Total Depravity. Unfortunately, for Fisher, Gallaher rag-dolled him for reasons I explain in the lead-up of today’s program. But then I put myself in Fisher’s shoes and offer my own opening statement followed by a couple of answers to a couple questions Gallaher posed to Fisher. Why is it that the church of Christ preacher, yours truly, is able to offer a better opening statement & more cogent answers to the questions posed than the Reformed guy? Tune in as I offer my review of the debate.

Total Depravity/Are babies born innocent? Public Discussion/Debate with Trey Fisher & Aaron Gallagher