Booted from the Baptist Church

Episode 275: Did I ever tell you about the time I got kicked out of a Baptist church? I say kicked out; I was asked to not come back ever again or they’d call the police. It’s not what you think. Tune in as I tell my story and why truth matters.

Question of the Day: What’s wrong with the Baptist Church?


Episode 263: A prominent philosopher is telling people not to believe the doctrine of the rapture which will be given prominence in an upcoming movie. Leaders of the homosexual movement are upset that the Center for Disease Control has released the figures for the number of gay American adults – a paltry 1.6%. What do these two events have in common? Whether you hold to the erroneous doctrine of the rapture or cling to the sin of homosexuality, you must be converted! Tune in as I explore this vital Bible subject.\

Don’t Believe the Rapture

Angry Gay Leaders

Question of the Day: How Can We Know Truth?

Post-Christian Church

Episode 251: Progressive Christianity is the “fifth column” which threatens Christendom in general. They demonstrate an element which is post-Christian in the church. Tune in as I expose the threat progressive theology and progressive Christianity pose to the Christianity.

“Fifth Column” Article

Question of the Day: Did Jesus say anything about homosexuality?

Hermeneutics & Progressive Christians

Episode 224: Is the current progressive Christian movement with its progressive theology really that great? One writer offers 16 rules (read: ways) progressive Christians use to understand the Bible. Tune as and find out it does not take me long to catch a glaring problem with not just these rules, but progressive theology and Christianity as a whole.

Question of the Day: Is Jesus really the only way to God?

16 Ways Progressive Christians Read the Bible

Upon the Rock #4 – The Body of Christ

Episode 221: Join in as I walk through the fourth lesson of the Upon the Rock bible study series. In this installment, we learn about the church: what is it, whose is it, and what does God think of all the different ones? Tune in as we get the answers from the Bible. Below is the downloadable worksheet.

Upon the Rock Lesson 3

Question of the Day: Can you discuss the falling away/apostasy?

Revelation 3

Episode 169: We continue our steady march through the book of Revelation. In this episode I deal with the final three (3) churches in Asia Jesus addresses – Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea. Tune in as I explain the message Jesus has for each of these churches and make a few connections to our present-day issues.

Questions of the Day: At a funeral people say the deceased is already in heaven.  Are they, or are they awaiting judgment somewhere?

Revelation 2

Episode 168: Hip-deep into the book of Revelation we run into the actual churches Jesus is writing/speaking to concerning the approaching persecution. In chapter 2, we meet four (4) churches in Asia that Jesus for whom Jesus has a message: Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, and Thyatira. Tune in as I walk through this chapter.

Question of the Day: If Jesus paid for all our sins, why will there by a judgment?

Daniel Finale

Episode 159: We have finished Daniel, but I want to revisit some of the erroneous interpretations out there concerning the prophetic portions of Daniel. Join me as I walk us through several of the incorrect views out there about Daniel and offer the correct interpretation of these sometimes confusing texts.

Artistic representation of the premillenial view of Nebuchadnezzer’s statue (note the toes):

Question of the Day: Who is the “antichrist”?

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Episode 130: You’ve probably seen the picture on a tall candle or maybe hanging on a wall in someone’s house. It is the picture where it looks like Jesus is suffering from holy heartburn (See below). What is the meaning behind that image? Did you know that our Catholic friends are celebrating a feast about this doctrine tomorrow? Tune in as I explore the sacred heart of Jesus.

Benghazi Talking Points

Episode 122: September 11, 2012 – four Americans are killed in Benghazi by Muslim terrorists. Just a few days after the attack on our embassy, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice, and President Barack Obama were blaming the attack on a video no one had (or has) seen. At the same time, emails were flying through the intelligence community about talking points for the American media and public. Those emails were released last week and what is in them is disturbing. What’s even more disturbing is how people alter the “talking points” in the religious realm. Tune in as I discuss how this happens.