God, Prayer, & Politcs

Episode 340: We know as Christians that we are to pray for those who in positions of authority in government (see 1 Timothy 2.1-3). We also know, good Bible students that we are, that God is control of the political process. So what should we be praying for as the 2016 presidential election season approaches? Tune in as I explore several Psalms which I believe give language to our prayers for “kings and those in high positions.”

Praying for Our Enemies – Imprecatory Psalms

Episode 333: Psalms of imprecation are those Psalms which make us squirm when we read them. “Break their teeth, O Lord” & “May his days be few.” They are the sons of thunder Psalms which call down fire from heaven. So what can imprecatory Psalms teach us today as New Testament Christians when it comes to our prayer lives, especially praying for our enemies? Tune in as I unpack the significance of these Psalms.

Prayer (4): Transformative Prayer

Episode 322: Some say it as late 1 AM when Jesus & His disciples enter Gethsemane. Whatever time it was, it is in the Garden of Gethsemane that we find Jesus’ greatest teaching on prayer. Tune in as we “walk amid the shades, While the ling’ring twilight fades,/ See that suffering, friendless One, Weeping, praying there alone.” Discover the transforming effect of prayer.

Today in Church History: William Law is suspended from his pulpit for non-conformist views (1713)

Question of the Day: Why does God hear my prayers?

Prayer (3): “Lord, Teach Us to Pray”

Episode 321: So what are the basic fundamentals of prayer? In Luke 11, Jesus gives us the foundational principles concerning prayer which every disciple needs in order to build a transformative prayer life. Tune in as I unpack this text and what it means for us.

Today in Church History: King Edward VI grants royal assent to The Book of Common Prayer, the second version of his reign (1552)

Question of the Day: Does God hear our prayers?

Prayer (2): The Master in Prayer

Episode 320: Prayer was a priority for Jesus but why? In this episode we climb into the prayer closet with Jesus and take a look at His prayer life as recorded in the gospel of Luke. Tune in as we discover why prayer was so important to Jesus.

Today in Church History: Justin Martyr’s feast day declared (1882)

Question of the Day: Why should I pray?

Prayer (1): Ordinary Pray-ers

Episode 319: Luke highlights the prayer life of Jesus in his gospel. But to prepare us for Jesus, he first introduces us to several ordinary people of prayer through whom God will carry out His purposes & will. Who are these ordinary pray-ers? Tune in as meet the divine nobodies God calls to accomplish His mission.

Today in Church History: Handel’s Messiah is heard for the first time (1742)

Question of the Day: When should I pray?

Praying to Jesus

Episode 300: Wow! The 300th episode of the podcast. And for this episode I will do what I do best and that is break down a controversy with eloquence & clarity: Can we pray to Jesus? May we pray to Jesus? Tune in as I unpack a little background on this controversy and provide a Biblical answer.

Music Credit: Led Zeppelin. “When the Levee Breaks.” Led Zeppelin IV. Atlantic, 1971.

Mars, NSA, & VMAs

Episode 174: A little bit of everything today. A brief look at a new theory of how life came to be on earth; a look at the news sotry of how Evangelical Christians and Catholics are on the religious extremist list of the NSA; and a breakdown of the Miley Cyrus VMA controversy.

Earthlings are really Martians

Pentagon classifies Evangelicals & Catholics as Extremists

Question of the Day: When were the gospels written?