Euthanasia, pt. 3

Episode 291: Today’s episode wraps-up a discussion of the Scriptural principles which are informative regarding the issue of euthanasia. What is a Christian response in this conversation about euthanasia? Tune in as I unpack several principles which are instructive.

Today in Church History: Calvinists reject Arminianism at the Synod of Dort (1618)

Question of the Day: Please explain Calvinism.

Euthanasia, pt. 2

Episode 290: In today’s episode, I continue discussing euthanasia from a Christian worldview & Biblical perspective. What are some of the arguments¬†in favor of euthanasia? Tune in as I explain a few arguments for euthanasia and show how they fall apart when weighed against Biblical principles.

Question of the Day: How many suicides are there in the Bible?

Today in Church History: Matthew Henry begins his commentary

Euthanasia, pt. 1

Episode 289: The suicide of Brittany Maynard, 29, has reignited the debate about euthanasia, or physician-assisted suicide. Does God have anything to say concerning this hot-button issue? Tune in as I begin to unpack principles from God’s Word which I believe are applicable to this discussion.

Question of the Day: What about King Saul’s suicide?