“It’s a Miracle!” – Jesus Heals a Man with Dropsy on the Sabbath

Episode 389: Jesus had several encounters with His opponents on the Sabbath. Luke 14.1-6 presents with yet another instance of this & the final instance of Sabbath conflict for Jesus with His adversaries. Tune in as I discuss a miracle only Luke records & what it means for us today.

Today in Church History: Erasmus goes home to be with Christ (1536)

Question of the Day: I consider both candidates in an election to be evil. How would you handle it?

The Worst of Both Worlds

“It’s a Miracle!” – Jesus Heals Two Blind Men

Episode 381: Jesus healed a lot of people. Several of those people were blind. Up to this point in Jesus’ ministry we have seen him heal a blind person or two, but not two at a time. Granted, we have seen Him heal two people in rapid succession, but this is the first instance of simultaneous healing. Tune in as I explore this interesting miraculous event.

Today in Church History: Meeting houses of heretics confiscated and their meetings under imperial legislation (396)

Question of the Day: What credentials back-up Jesus’ claim to deity?