The Moral Lie

Episode 318: The unfortunate truth is that many Christians claim to know God & Christ but practice sin. Someone has called this the Moral Lie: claiming to have fellowship with God (Who is absolute moral perfection) while walking in darkness (practicing moral imperfection, i.e. sin). Tune in as I discuss what Jesus, the Truth, prescribes for this monstrous lie.

Father of 40

Today in Church History: Ambrose, bishop of Milan, dies (397) AND Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinated (1968)

Question of the Day: What is sin? What are specific sins we can commit?

Are You Smarter than an Atheist?

Episode 178: I revisit an article released last month to develop some thoughts a bit further about the roots of atheism and whether atheism is the best option on the table.

Atheists Smarter than Religious People

Question of the Day: Why Should I Listen to the Bible?