Wayne Jackson, John Calvin, & God’s Grace, part 2

Episode 438: Two-for-Tuesday! I once again take up brother Wayne Jackson’s article “John Calvin and Grace” from his publication Christian Courier and read what Calvin on each verse Jackson cites in a single paragraph – John 3.16, 1 Timothy 2.4, 2 Peter 3.9, 1 John 2.2. Since Calvin was mentioned but none of his work quoted or dealt with, I thought it fair if Calvin got a fair hearing. We have got to do better with our scholastic endeavors!

Wayne Jackson’s article: https://christiancourier.com/articles/john-calvin-and-grace

Wayne Jackson, John Calvin, & God’s Grace

Episode 437: The late brother Wayne Jackson was a prolific writer, both of books and for his publication Christian Courier. One of his articles, “John Calvin and Grace,” came across my radar providentially in recent days. However, I was disappointed with the level of engagement with Calvin’s actual writings and arguments. In this episode, I explore the sections in Calvin’s writings which should have been addressed, including from Calvin’s Institutes, his commentary on Titus 2.11, and identifying the distinctions Calvin made concerning God’s grace.

Brother Jackson’s article: https://christiancourier.com/articles/john-calvin-and-grace