How to be Holy in an Unholy World

Episode 359: The archdiocese of Chicago is being sued by a homosexual man who was fired from his position as music director when he made known his engagement (and subsequent marriage) to his male partner. These are but the birthpangs of the consequences of the legalization of homosexual marriage in America as the dissenting justices warned. How shall we live when surrounded by such immorality? Tune in as we allow the Bible to explain how to be holy in an unholy world.

Chicago archdiocese sued over homosexual marriage

Today in Church History: Christians in the Arena in Carthage (202)

Question of the Day: Was Jesus Sinless?

Special Edition: Lent & Ash Wednesday

Episode 357: A billion Catholics and now more & more Protestants are observing the Lenten season which is kicked off by Ash Wednesday. For an in-depth historical account of the development of Ash Wednesday & Lent see here. But why is is this holy day so popular and seemingly gaining in popularity? Tune I ponder this question and more.

Why are so many Christians are Biblically illiterate?

Today in Church History: Fanny Crosby dies (1915)

Question of the Day: Should we copy other churches?

What We Learned from the Pope’s Visit to the U.S.

Episode 344: So last week the Pope visited the United States. He made many appearances and gave several speeches. Then he hoped on Holiness One and flew back to the Vatican. So what did we learn from the Pope’s visit to the U.S.? Tune in as I point out several things which may be lessons we can learn from the Pope’s visit.

Pope Francis Undermined Visit, a Coward

Today in Church History: Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) begins broadcasting (1961).

Question of the Day: What do Catholics really believe?

The Crusades, pt.2

Episode 307: Once more I take up the history lesson concerning the Crusades. Was it really “in the name of Christ” that the Crusaders did “horrible deeds”? Or is history much more complicated than how our President makes it out to be? Tune in as I unpack the history & consequences of the Crusades.

Today in Church History: (On or around today) Defeat and captivity of the King Louis IX of France, “St. Louis,” in a crusade (1250).

The Real Significance of the Crusades


Episode 292: So last month Pope Francis convened a two week long meeting in the Vatican concerning “family life” among Catholics. Hot topic debates were had by a number of bishops while Pope Francis engage in active listening. Tune in as I report on the fallout from that meeting here in the States and what could be in the future for the Catholic Church as a result.

Today in Church History: Gregory the Wonder Worker Dies (270)

Question of the Day: What does the Bible say about homosexuality?

Gays with Gifts

Episode 283: The Catholic Church has said gays have gifts to offer the Catholic Church…er, uh, wait…No, they don’t. What’s going on and do gays have gifts for the (true) church? Hmm…Tune in as I cover this story and discuss how gays might be given gifts by Christ for the church.

Monday’s Article: Gays Have Gifts to Offer Catholic Church

Tuesday’s Article: Catholic Officials Walk-back Reports

Question of the Day: Did Jesus say anything about homosexuality?

Catholicism 3

238: Is the Catholics Church the church of the New Testament? I continue to probe this question examine the doctrines of saints & priests, celibacy of the bishops, and original sin and compare these to the Bible.

Question of the Day: What about infant baptism?

Catholicism 2

Episode 237: Is the Catholic Church the church of the New Testament? I take a look at several doctrines of the Catholic Church to determine if they are Scriptural including calling priests “father,” rosary beads, and the worship and perpetual virginity of Mary. Prepare for some challenging insights.

Catholic Doctrines Which Contradict the Bible

Question of the Day: Was Peter married?

Catholicism 1

Episode 236: So after a year on the job, I take a look back at some of the more controversial moves by the present Pope before taking a closer look at Catholicism in general. The rise of the papacy? Mary the mediatrix? Purgatory? Tune in as I examine these subjects.

Pope Francis Timeline

Question of the Day: What about praying to saints?

New Pope: One Year Later

Episode 235: It has been one year since the 115 Cardinals of the Catholic Church elected Cardinal Jorge Maria Bergoglio as Pope and he assumed the name Pope Francis. So where are we after one year with Francis as the Pope? Tune in as I breakdown how Francis has shaken-up Catholicism and what it means for us non-Catholics.

Secret Pope Haters

Question of the Day: Isn’t the Pope infallible?