Left Behind

Episode 282:┬áThe highly anticipated reboot of the Left Behind series hit theaters this past Friday. Starring Nicholas Cage and based upon the book by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, it tells the story of a group of people who have survived the rapture, i.e. the faulty belief that when Jesus returns, He will take faithful Christians out of the world but leave behind (hence the title) all the faithless. Tune in as I give two (2) very good reason why you shouldn’t throw your money away to watch this latest movie.

Question of the Day: Who is the Antichrist?

Revelation 21

Episode 192: Our typical interpretation of Revelation 21 & 22 is that this is heaven. However, I challenge that view in this episode. If John is not talking about heaven, what is he talking about? Tune in as I explain the vision.

Question of the Day: Is Satan real?

Revelation 20

Episode 191: The millennial reign of…who? Must be chapter 20 of Revelation. The book of Revelation begins to wind down very rapidly and the 1,000 years figure shows up a lot. Tune in as I bring clarity to oft misunderstood (and exploited) passage.

Question of the Day: What do Catholics believe?

Revelation 19

Episode 189: God has issued his judgment concerning Rome (i.e. Babylon). Now comes the Word of God out of heaven to execute that judgment. Battle lines are drawn up for the Battle of Armageddon and then…tune in to hear what happens.

Question of the Day: What do Mormons really believe (part 1)?

Revelation 17

Episode 187: Revelation 17 unveils for us the identity of the nation or empire which will be judged by God and His wrath poured out upon them: Rome. With heavy emphasis on Old Testament prophecy (esp. Daniel 7), John, by means of angelic interpreter, describes the nation precisely and reveals history before it happens.

The Seven (7) Heads (+ 1) in Revelation 17:

1. Augustus

2. Tiberius

3. Gaius (AKA Caligula)

4. Claudius

5. Nero (“was”)

[3 usurpers who are not counted: Galba, Otho, Vitellius)

6. Vespasian (“is”)

7. Titus (“is to come…for a little while”)

8. Domitian (the beast)

Question of the Day: Is the Bible historically reliable (part 1)?

Revelation 14

Episode 183: Revelation 14 is a tricky chapter but it does serve to set the scene for what we will see in the rest of the book. Tune in as I give my brilliant exegesis of this chapter.

Question of the Day: How can we know truth?

Revelation 11

Episode 179: There is a lot of confusion, even among the brotherhood, as to what exactly is being described in the vision John is seeing when it comes to chapter 11. Tune in as I attempt to provide clarity and consistency to the figures John is writing about as he records is vision.

Question of the Day: Please explain Calvinism.

Revelation 10

Episode 177: Revelation 10 is the drum roll before the final trumpet sounds in the middle of chapter 11. There is one final chance for those who dwell on the earth (i.e. those who are not God’s people) to repent before God unleashes the final trumpet.

Question of the Day: Are there modern-day revelations from God to man?

Revelation 9

Episode 176: Two of the three “woes” are released upon “those who dwell upon the earth” or “those who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads.” Tune in as I do my best to interpret this very strange vision John sees.

Question of the Day: Can you please explain the inspiration of the Scriptures?

Revelation 8

Episode 175: We almost expect an atomic blast with brilliant light and deafening roar as God unleashes His fury. However, when the last seal is opened, there is silence in heaven. Then come the trumpets. Tune in as I walk through this text and examine the punishment of God upon the ungodly on earth.

Question of the Day: Which Bible should we use?