Houston & Homosexuality

Episode 287: “Ask and it shall be given to you.” The Mayor of Houston asked for the sermons of five (5) pastors…and pastors from all over the world sent her sermons! But is this really the “Christian thing to do.” I share my conflicting thoughts over this AND a former homosexual calls “gay marriage” an oxymoron! Tune in as tackle this issue also.

Former Homosexual Calls Gay Marriage an “Oxymoron”

Today in Church History: Henry Dunster Resigns as President of Harvard (1654)

Question of the Day: What must I do to be saved?

The Continued Increase and Acceptability of Homosexuality

Episode 232: So yesterday a federal judge struck down a ban on gay marriage and Arizona governor Jan Brewer vetoed a Senate Bill (1062) which would enable business to refuse service to gay couples. According to recent surveys, homosexuality marriage now has a majority of Americans who find it acceptable. What are Christians to make of this and what are we to do? Tune in as I discuss these current developments.

Texas Gay Marriage Ban Struck Down

Arizona Governor Vetoes Bill

Majority of Americans Support Gay Marriage