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Episode 424: Propositions 1 and 28 passed in California last week. The former amended the constitution to protect abortion. The latter provides funding for K-12 art education. In this episode, I expose the gross inconsistency of these seemingly diametrically opposed propositions which is a reflection of the noetic effects of sin on fallen humanity. Yet another sign of the judgment of God.

Blessing Abortion Clinics & Why Religion STILL Matters

Episode 347: So a United Methodist Church pastor & an Episcopalian Church clergy member bless an abortion clinic. No, that is not the beginning of an awful joke; that really happened last week. Now more than ever religion still matters…and I have the article from last week to prove it. Tune in as I explain the flaws of the misplaced faith of these clergy members & why religion still matters in America.

Prayer Rally to “Bless” Abortion Clinic

Why Religion Still Matters

Today in Church History: Pope Clement VI condemns self-flagellation (1349)

Question of the Day: Where in the Bible is self-flagellation condemned?

Foolish, Faithless, Heartless, Ruthless

Episode 339: Behold, an apt description of America written in the first century (see Romans 1.31, ESV). Granted, Paul was not writing to describe American culture. Paul was writing to describe the then-present state of Roman society. Nevertheless, those four words accurately and succinctly characterize modern America.

The first word, “foolish,” can also be translated stupid. American culture is obsessed with the stupid. We even buy shirts with the phrase “I’m with stupid” plastered across the front. Turn on your television and watch the latest episode of anything on MTV and you will find stupidity rather quickly. Far too often stupidity is linked with ungodliness. So it is no wonder a secondary definition of this word is just that: ungodly. Yes, where folly is sin is crouching at the door.

Illegal Immigrants Appointed as City Commissioners

Consequences of Decriminalized/Legalized Marijuana

“Faithless” means untrustworthy when it comes to keeping covenant (cf. ASV, KJV). Many so-called Christians live their lives as though there is no God with whom they have entered into covenant by the blood of His Son. In a broader sense America is witnessing the rise of the “nons” – those who do not identify with any religious group. America is growing more and more faithless.

Many Americans are “heartless.” Literally it is without familial affection. There is no love for the family. Indeed, this is the attribute which will cause a mother to abort her unborn baby, a father to abandon his family, children to talk back to and hate their parents, and government to pass legislation which is detrimental to the traditional family unit, viz. homosexual marriage.

“Ruthless” is the word which means lack of mercy. What comes to mind immediately is the political realm. Jay Leno once said that “politics” is a compound word from “poly” meaning many and “tics” which are bloodsuckers. The political game is a merciless one. But this is an apt description of what happens on the playground when parents raise children who will merciless bully other kids.

Welcome to America – the Rome of the 21st century!

Today in Church History: Tertullian (c.160-240 AD) on abortion

Early Church Writers on Abortion

Question of the Day: Is abortion immoral? What does the Bible say about abortion?

Planned Parenthood Sells Baby Body Parts

Episode 337: You have probably seen the undercover video footage of a conversation between someone posing as a liaison for a company interested in purchasing baby body parts and a Planned Parenthood doctor. If not click here. Tune in as I express some outrage over this while also reminding us of some very important Biblical principles.

Today in Church History: The Life of Anthony (3rd-4th Century)

Abortion III

Episode 304: 42 years ago Roe V. Wade legalized abortion in the United States. Since then, some 57 million America babies have been systematically slaughtered by the abortion industry. Recently, I went to a pro-life rally and in today’s episode I share some of my experiences from that excursion.


Abortion, revisited

Today in (Church) History: Roe v. Wade legalized abortion (1973)

Question of the Day: Is having an abortion a sin?

Abortion, revisited

Episode 239:  Every day, 3,000 babies are murdered in this country. That’s a September 11, 2011 everyday! Of those babies aborted, 35% are black; that’s roughly 17 million of the 55.7 million babies aborted since the legalization of abortion. No wonder the word “genocide” has been used to describe the abortion pandemic in America. Tune in as I provide Biblical and logical reasons why abortion is morally wrong.

Previous Episode on Abortion

Aborted Babies Incinerated

Vatican Chief Justice on Obama

Question of the Day: Is abortion a sin?


Episode 138: Every day, 3,000 babies are murdered in this country. That’s a September 11, 2011 everyday! No wonder the word “holocaust” has been used to describe the abortion pandemic in America. Tune in as I provide Biblical and logical reasons why abortion is morally wrong.

Question of the Day: Do animals have souls?