God, Prayer, & Politcs

Episode 340: We know as Christians that we are to pray for those who in positions of authority in government (see 1 Timothy 2.1-3). We also know, good Bible students that we are, that God is control of the political process. So what should we be praying for as the 2016 presidential election season approaches? Tune in as I explore several Psalms which I believe give language to our prayers for “kings and those in high positions.”

2 responses to “God, Prayer, & Politcs

  1. Don’t you think David’s requests for “selfish things” like long life, victory, etc. are not really self-serving as much as they are a firm trust in God’s 2 Sam 7:16 promise? What covenant does God have in relation to the kings of the nations of earth? None apart from His desire to save as many souls as possible. I think we’re making a big jump to apply Psalms which were written based on what would fulfill God’s promises… to ask those blessings on us for our comfort when we actually have a different set of promises to be in prayer about! Wouldn’t a better application of David’s Psalms be to ask those things for Christ’s Kingdom, the church? I have been writing a series of blog articles about this same idea on our church blog here http://www.ftcobbchurchofchrist.com/church-blog. Check em out and let me see what you think. I have another installment to come out pretty soon, going toward the idea of the spiritual conflict related to worldly rulers and God’s Kingdom. (looking at Daniel 10, Revelation, and other places.)

  2. No doubt we should pray these things for the church in the first place. And perhaps that is “better” application.
    However, as I point in the first part of the show, God does exercise sovereignty over the nations – always has, always will. So while He may not have covenant with them, He is very much involved in the governments of men. So why could not the Christian/church petition God, as part of his/her/our desire to live peaceful & quite lives, concerning His overruling of the governments to act in a way which benefits His people living under that regime (as elect exiles)? Maybe not a primary application or “better” one, but I am persuaded it is valid.

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