Episode 263: A prominent philosopher is telling people not to believe the doctrine of the rapture which will be given prominence in an upcoming movie. Leaders of the homosexual movement are upset that the Center for Disease Control has released the figures for the number of gay American adults – a paltry 1.6%. What do these two events have in common? Whether you hold to the erroneous doctrine of the rapture or cling to the sin of homosexuality, you must be converted! Tune in as I explore this vital Bible subject.\

Don’t Believe the Rapture

Angry Gay Leaders

Question of the Day: How Can We Know Truth?

Can We Be Good Without God?

Episode 262: The demographic I am calling “skeptics” (composed of atheists, agnostics, & non-religious folks) makes up about 20% of the American population. 1 in 5 people fall under this definition. So another good question to ask our skeptical friends to open dialogue with them is – Can We Be Good Without God? Tune in as I explore this sobering question.

What is the Meaning of Life?

Episode 261: Still another question which has been pondered by philosophers and thinkers throughout history has to do with the meaning of life. What is the meaning of life? Is there ultimate meaning and purpose to this life? Tune in as I tackle this question and provide what I believe is a more satisfying answer than that offered by our skeptical friends.

Objective Moral Values

Episode 260: Atheists like to argue that we can be moral animals without a god. But can we be good without God? If God does not exist, moral values are merely subjective human inventions. If God does exist, moral values are objective and real. Tune in as I discuss this subject which has far reaching implications.

Smartest People on Earth are Theists

Executions Gone Awry

Why is There Something Rather Than Nothing?

Episode 259: It is a question which has been pondered by philosophers for millennia. Why is there something rather than nothing? Atheists like Dr. Lawrence Krauss have offered answers from quantum mechanics, but are their answers satisfying. Tune in as I explore this answer and offer what I believe to be a more satisfying conclusion.

Can Quantum Mechanics Produce a Universe from Nothing?

Implications of God’s Existence

Episode 257: Far too often far too many Christians live as though they do not believe in God. Craig Groeschel calls this “Christian Atheism.” But since God exists, what does that mean for our lives? Tune in as I examine the implications for God’s existence upon the life of those who claim to believe in Him.

Question of the Day: Why should people of other religions be sent to Hell because they happened to be born into a non-Christian home?

The Knowledge of God

Episode 256: John Calvin called it sensus divinitatis which is the “seed of religion.” Current research is calling “intuitive theism.” Even the bulldog of atheism Richard Dawkins says that “religion is ubiquitous.” There is built into every human an awareness of something bigger and transcendent, a sense for God. Tune in as I explain how through general revelation & special revelation God is practically screaming at us that He exists.

Question of the Day: Can I trust the Bible?

What View of God is Right?

Episode 255: I recently explored the question “Does God exist?” is two previous episodes here & here. While the evidence provided in those episodes is sufficient to demonstrate that there is a God, it does not address what God is like or which view of God is right. In this episode I explore the various worldviews concerning God. Which view of God is right? Tune in as I explore this question.

Question of the Day: Why is the God of the Bible the only true God?

Is There a God? (Part 2)

Episode 253: I continue to unpack proofs for the existence of God as we seek to answer the most important question – Does God exist? The answer to this question has serious implications for every aspect of our life. Tune in as I present several proofs concerning the existence of God.

Is There a God? (Part 1)

Episode 252: Perhaps the most important a person could ask & answer is “Does God exist?” It is a question which has implications upon every aspect of a person’s life. In this episode I begin to unpack several of the arguments for the existence of God as we seek to answer the question “Is there a God?”