The Golden Rule

Episode 353: “As you wish that others would do to you, so do to them” (Luke 6.31). Jesus says volumes in that short phrase. Action, breadth, & clarity (ABC) are addressed in this single word. Tune in as discuss the Golden Rule and how this should show up in our lives.

Today in Church History: Anabaptist preacher Leonhard Schiemer is beheaded and burned in Austria (1528).

Question of the Day: Where does it say the church should help the general public? Shouldn’t help be given only to Christians?

Abortion, revisited

Episode 239:  Every day, 3,000 babies are murdered in this country. That’s a September 11, 2011 everyday! Of those babies aborted, 35% are black; that’s roughly 17 million of the 55.7 million babies aborted since the legalization of abortion. No wonder the word “genocide” has been used to describe the abortion pandemic in America. Tune in as I provide Biblical and logical reasons why abortion is morally wrong.

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Question of the Day: Is abortion a sin?

NSA Leaks

Episode 132: So Edward Snowden is on the run because he has leaked national security secrets about the government seizing phone records from major phone providers. So what does this have to do with the Christian? Actually, our conversations have been “leaked” to Almighty God. Tune in as I explore this “leak” and what needs to happen.

New Segment! Question of the Day: How was Cain’s wife a descendant of Adam & Eve?