Special Edition: Lent & Ash Wednesday

Episode 357: A billion Catholics and now more & more Protestants are observing the Lenten season which is kicked off by Ash Wednesday. For an in-depth historical account of the development of Ash Wednesday & Lent see here. But why is is this holy day so popular and seemingly gaining in popularity? Tune I ponder this question and more.

Why are so many Christians are Biblically illiterate?

Today in Church History: Fanny Crosby dies (1915)

Question of the Day: Should we copy other churches?

Special Edition: Ash Wednesday

Episode 234: I pull a classic out of the LFTP vault where I explain Ash Wednesday. Though the date and place may have changed, the information is still accurate. What is this holy day all about? Tune in as I breakdown the history of Ash Wednesday and why it matters to you.