Praying for Our Enemies – Imprecatory Psalms

Episode 333: Psalms of imprecation are those Psalms which make us squirm when we read them. “Break their teeth, O Lord” & “May his days be few.” They are the sons of thunder Psalms which call down fire from heaven. So what can imprecatory Psalms teach us today as New Testament Christians when it comes to our prayer lives, especially praying for our enemies? Tune in as I unpack the significance of these Psalms.

The Rise of Secularism

Episode 331: New pew survey data shows that, coupled with a decline in (progressive) Christianity, secularism is on the rise in America. But why? On this episode, we dig into societal & cultural reasons that secularism seems to be on the rise as well as what the Bible says about this current phenomenon.

Obama administrations hostility toward the Bible

Unprecedented “Assault” on Religion

Today in Church History: The Council of Nicea begins (325)

Question of the Day: What did Jesus mean by “turn the other cheek”? How does this relate to “eye for an eye”?

Capital Punishment

Episode 311: A number of states still have the death penalty. However, some Christians do not believe that the death penalty should still practiced. It is too “barbaric” or “cruel and unusual punishment” and America is better than that. Is it ever morally permissible, though, to execute a criminal when the nature of the crime demands such punishment? Tune in as I explore this question from the Bible.

Apologetics Press Article

The Idaho & Houston Situations

Episode 285: No doubt you’ve seen recently in the news the situations in Idaho & Houston. In Idaho, a couple is being threatened with fines and jail time for not performing homosexual weddings based upon their religious convictions. In Houston, pastors from 5 churches have been ordered to hand over all their sermons dealing with homosexuality or gender identity. How should we think about these situations? I offer my Biblically informed view today.

*New Segment* This Day in Church History: Ignatius of Antioch fed to the lions (107)

Question of the Day: Do you think we will see intense in your lifetime?


Episode 199: The roll out of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), colloquially known as Obamacare, has seen so many glitches that it’s hard to believe we’ve waited three and a half years for something which is so ineffective. But it is here. How should Christians view universal healthcare? And what should we do about it? Tune in as I tackle these questions.

Question of the Day: Can we know we are saved?

Atheists & Truth

Episode 163: They say there are no atheists in foxholes…apparently they’re all hiding out at JAG. Atheists are intend on bringing a lawsuit against the Marines for a mental health questionnaire they make soldiers fill out asking if they have had a “loss or lack of spiritual faith.” Tune in I approach this current event from a very subtle direction.

U.S. Military has problem with atheists

Question of the Day: Do you think our country is doomed because of the way things are going in our government?

Daniel 5

Daniel 5

Episode 147: Daniel 5 presents some historical knots which need to be unraveled. King Belshazzar? What about Nabonidus who was king historically speaking in 539BC? And what’s all this talk about “third ruler in the kingdom”? Tune in as we untie this knot and unpack this text.

Question of the Day: See above.

SCOTUS & Homosexual Marriage


SCOTUS & Homsexual Marriage

Episode 141: The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) issued rulings yesterday which could have implications upon homosexual marriage. Believe it or not, their (non-)rulings go against established precedent from previous cases which SCOTUS has ruled on. Tune in as I point a few cases where traditional, Biblical marriage was championed by the Supreme Court.

Dave Miller’s Marriage Defined Article

Question of the Day: Is being gay a choice or could they be born that way?

Why the Biblical Argument Matters On Homosexual Marriage


Why the Biblical Argument Matters

Episode 139: Remember a few months ago when Bill O’Reilly talked about how those of us opposed to homosexual need a better argument than to “thump the Bible”? Me too. In this episode I break down why the Biblical argument matters in the homosexual marriage debate from a historic view.

Question of the Day: How can hell be both “outer darkness” and a place of fire?



Episode 103: Quick recap of yesterday’s episode, followed by a look at the case of Pastor Saeed Abedini who is locked up overseas in Iran. Is there a connection between that religious persecution and something which we as Christians are facing here in the US? Tune in to hear my take on this.