Brueggemann & Beth Moore

Episode 415: Everybody’s favorite progressive theologian has written an article (see below) detailing how to read the Bible so that those practicing homosexual behavior are to be welcomed as faithful Christians. This reminded me of Beth Moore “conversion” a few years back (also see below). In this episode, I explore Brueggemann’s new hermeneutic and demonstrate how it is suspect at best. Also with comparisons to Beth Moore!

Walter Brueggemann & Bible Reading

Open Letter to Beth Moore

How to Study the Bible

Episode 225: In light of the dangerous “ways” progressive christians interpret the Bible I thought it would be helpful to lay down some good, solid rules for how to interpret the Bible or rules of hermeneutics. You will hear ten (10) basic rules for properly interpreting the Word of God.

Question of the Day: Does the Bible teach infant baptism? I am a Lutheran and was baptized as an infant.