Bruce Jenner, Transgenders, and Celebrating Depravity

Episode 332: All the news this week has been about┬áBruce…er, Caitlyn Jenner – the former Olympian and former male. Now a woman, he finally feels like a natural woman. But is there more than here than meets the eye? Is this kind of behavior something to celebrated? Tune in as I approach the disturbing reality of sex reassignment from a Biblical worldview.

Sex Changes Ineffective

Transgender is a Mental Disorder Say John Hopkins Doc

Why John Hopkins Stopped Performing Sex Changes

Question of the Day: Is being transgender a sin?



Episode 140: Have you heard about Coy? Coy was born a boy. But now at 6 years old, he says he’s a she. Coy was diagnosed at 4 years old as a transgender. Tune in as I delve into the multi-faceted problems with this situation and a Biblical prescription for this.

Question of the Day: Is Jesus God? Or is He merely a god?