What Children Need

Episode 131: Recently, a post of a blog was published (see below) listing four (4) ways to encourage children to leave the church. Very provocative, it was written with tongue firmly planted in cheek, but it go me thinking, what do children need from parents? I run quickly down a list of several spiritual resources children need from parents in today’s episode.

Four Ways to Encourage Your Children to Leave the Church

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Episode 130: You’ve probably seen the picture on a tall candle or maybe hanging on a wall in someone’s house. It is the picture where it looks like Jesus is suffering from holy heartburn (See below). What is the meaning behind that image? Did you know that our Catholic friends are celebrating a feast about this doctrine tomorrow? Tune in as I explore the sacred heart of Jesus.

Whatever Happened to Sin?

Episode 129: Richard Carlson’s article “Whatever Happened to Sin?” is the basis for today’s show. He identifies several behaviors which in the past were considered sinful behavior but over time have been renamed to make better. But if “a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet,” then sin by any other name is just as offensive to God. Tune to hear what has happened to sin.

Normalizing Sin

Modern-Day Apostles

Episode 128: So some religious groups claim to have modern-day apostles – Mormons stand out as the main group, but some Catholics do and you can tune into Apostle Fredrick K.C. Price each week on TV. Even some in the church of Christ are moving toward a theology which has modern-day apostles (See “Rethinking Apostleship” below). However, the main position of members of the church of Christ has been that there are no apostles today (See “Are There Modern-Day Apostles” below). Today my friend and brother Sean Andrews joins me to discuss this subject.

Rethinking Apostleship

Are There Modern-Day Apostles?

Global Warming

Episode 127: Global warming is a settled fact, right? Actually, no. The best kept environmental secret is that the world is actually cooling according to Peter Ferrara of Forbes (see his article). But while man-made global warming is a hoax, there is true global warming which will take place one day. Tune in to this episode as I identify true global warming which will happen one day.