Revelation Introduction, part 2

Episode 165: I continue to introduce the book of Revelation by explaining the need to read this book through the lens the Lord put in place: “soon,” “near,” and “shortly.” Also, I present some special skills needed to properly understand the Revelation in its proper context.

Question of the Day: When was the book of Revelation written (part 2)?

Revelation Introduction, part 1

Episode 164: There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the book of Revelation. Rightly so. It is a tough book to understand.  Join me as I cut through the fog of erroneous interpretations and introduce what is sure to be a rich study through a powerful book of prophecy.

Question of the Day: When was the book of Revelation written?

Atheists & Truth

Episode 163: They say there are no atheists in foxholes…apparently they’re all hiding out at JAG. Atheists are intend on bringing a lawsuit against the Marines for a mental health questionnaire they make soldiers fill out asking if they have had a “loss or lack of spiritual faith.” Tune in I approach this current event from a very subtle direction.

U.S. Military has problem with atheists

Question of the Day: Do you think our country is doomed because of the way things are going in our government?

Gay Couple Suing Church

Episode 162: It was only a matter of time. Though the court case is over in merry old England, it is only a matter of time before this stuff hits our shores. I offer some practical steps concerning how Christians should respond to the homosexual agenda.

Gay Couple to Sue Church Over Same-Sex Opt-Out

Christian Chronicle: Homosexuality and the Church

Question of the Day: When a child is born, did the father and mother create a new soul, or did God create the soul?

The Cross of Christ

Episode 161: Recently, archaeologists in Turkey dug up a chest which supposedly contains a piece of the cross that Jesus died on.  So what does this mean? Tune in as I break down how when an idol’s-a-tree that is really gross idolatry.

Did Archaeologists Find Jesus’ Cross?

Other Ancient Relics

Question of the Day: Where does it say you have to go through Christ to get to God?

Zimmerman Verdict Revisited

Episode 160: We’re doing a one month recap one week early of the George Zimmerman verdict. Tune in as I make some general observations before diving into much heavier matters pertaining to the trial and execution of Jesus.

Wright article

Hutcherson article

Question of the Day: Should a Christian fast and pray?

Daniel Finale

Episode 159: We have finished Daniel, but I want to revisit some of the erroneous interpretations out there concerning the prophetic portions of Daniel. Join me as I walk us through several of the incorrect views out there about Daniel and offer the correct interpretation of these sometimes confusing texts.

Artistic representation of the premillenial view of Nebuchadnezzer’s statue (note the toes):

Question of the Day: Who is the “antichrist”?