Gays with Gifts

Episode 283: The Catholic Church has said gays have gifts to offer the Catholic Church…er, uh, wait…No, they don’t. What’s going on and do gays have gifts for the (true) church? Hmm…Tune in as I cover this story and discuss how gays might be given gifts by Christ for the church.

Monday’s Article: Gays Have Gifts to Offer Catholic Church

Tuesday’s Article: Catholic Officials Walk-back Reports

Question of the Day: Did Jesus say anything about homosexuality?

One response to “Gays with Gifts

  1. Hey Nick, have you read “Can You Be Gay and Chrisitan?” by Michael L. Brown (Ph.D in Near Eastern languages and literatures)? If not, I highly recommend it as a book you should have on hand. It is written in such a way that you could hand it to Houston Mayor Annise Parker. Very Christlike approach that is both true to the Biblical witness but with a attitude of grace. He also opens up the political sides motivations that well meaning people do not recognize.

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