Revelation 15

Episode 184: Yet another interlude before God pours out His full wrath on “those who dwell upon the earth.” John gets a breathtaking view of some happenings in heaven as something big is prepared.

Question of the Day: Will good people of all churches be saved?

Revelation 14

Episode 183: Revelation 14 is a tricky chapter but it does serve to set the scene for what we will see in the rest of the book. Tune in as I give my brilliant exegesis of this chapter.

Question of the Day: How can we know truth?

Revelation 13

Episode 181: The beast of the sea. The beast of the earth. The dragon. The mark of the beast. 666. Whew! Busy episode. Tune in as I seek to bring clarity to a complicated and confusing chapter of the Bible.

Question of the Day: Can you please explain the mark of the beast and the number 666?

Revelation 12

Episode 180: The imagery and figures continue to get more bizarre the deeper we get into the book of Revelation. Chapter 12 talks about a woman, a dragon, and the woman’s kids. What is going on here? Tune in as seek to clearly and simply explain what this vision means.

Question of the Day: Was I created for a purpose?

Revelation 11

Episode 179: There is a lot of confusion, even among the brotherhood, as to what exactly is being described in the vision John is seeing when it comes to chapter 11. Tune in as I attempt to provide clarity and consistency to the figures John is writing about as he records is vision.

Question of the Day: Please explain Calvinism.

Revelation 10

Episode 177: Revelation 10 is the drum roll before the final trumpet sounds in the middle of chapter 11. There is one final chance for those who dwell on the earth (i.e. those who are not God’s people) to repent before God unleashes the final trumpet.

Question of the Day: Are there modern-day revelations from God to man?

Revelation 9

Episode 176: Two of the three “woes” are released upon “those who dwell upon the earth” or “those who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads.” Tune in as I do my best to interpret this very strange vision John sees.

Question of the Day: Can you please explain the inspiration of the Scriptures?