Post-Christian Church

Episode 251: Progressive Christianity is the “fifth column” which threatens Christendom in general. They demonstrate an element which is post-Christian in the church. Tune in as I expose the threat progressive theology and progressive Christianity pose to the Christianity.

“Fifth Column” Article

Question of the Day: Did Jesus say anything about homosexuality?

When We Disagree, pt.4

Episode 246: Brethren disagree. And we disagree about a lot of things.  Having examined the principles in Romans 14-15, what do we do? In this episode, I lay out the 2 + 1 solutions which are available to us when we disagree.

When We Disagree, part 3

Episode 245: What do we do when we disagree? I continue to unpack principles from Romans 14-15, specifically the role unity plays in our disagreements. Tune in and find out how important unity really is and why our disagreements must always keep unity in view.

When We Disagree, part 2

Episode 244: We disagree over many things in the churches of Christ. Those disagreements have yielded chaotic effects in the church. But God’s word brings order out of chaos. So what is the word of order which God speaks into the present chaos which exists in the churches of Christ today due to disagreements and division? Tune in as I begin walking us through Romans 14-15, gleaning valuable principles for what we are to do biblically when we disagree.

Unity, pt. 1

Episode 135: Anti- Church. Non-institutional. Institutional. It is interesting the way we in the churches of Christ talk about one another. The root of these monikers is…division. The very thing Jesus prayed against (John 17) is the very thing we cling to with our pet doctrines and institutional affiliations. Tune in as I talk about the need for unity.

Question of the Day: Is the Devil real?