Episode 292: So last month Pope Francis convened a two week long meeting in the Vatican concerning “family life” among Catholics. Hot topic debates were had by a number of bishops while Pope Francis engage in active listening. Tune in as I report on the fallout from that meeting here in the States and what could be in the future for the Catholic Church as a result.

Today in Church History: Gregory the Wonder Worker Dies (270)

Question of the Day: What does the Bible say about homosexuality?

New Pope: One Year Later

Episode 235: It has been one year since the 115 Cardinals of the Catholic Church elected Cardinal Jorge Maria Bergoglio as Pope and he assumed the name Pope Francis. So where are we after one year with Francis as the Pope? Tune in as I breakdown how Francis has shaken-up Catholicism and what it means for us non-Catholics.

Secret Pope Haters

Question of the Day: Isn’t the Pope infallible?