“It’s a Miracle!” – Jesus Heals Peter’s Mother-in-law

Episode 373: We come to the shortest miracle, the miracle with the least amount of ink devoted to it – when Jesus healed Peter’s mother-in-law. What is so significant about this miracle? Tune in as I walk us through it and see how Christ is superior to sickness.

Today in Church History: Adoniram Judson dedicates his life to God (1808)

Question of the Day: What does the Bible say about addiction?

Portraits of Grace (5): A Tale of Two Graces

Episode 366: The story of Joseph in Genesis eats my lunch each time I read it. Joseph blows me away. He is a young man who does not have a Bible, grows up surrounded by family which has all kinds of issues, comes of age in a grossly idolatrous land (Egypt), and yet he never loses focus on God. Tune in as I walk through Joseph’s story & what he teaches about being gracious to others.

Question of the Day/Church History: Did the Jews successfully kill Lazarus as they intended (John 12.9-11)?

Praying for Our Enemies – Imprecatory Psalms

Episode 333: Psalms of imprecation are those Psalms which make us squirm when we read them. “Break their teeth, O Lord” & “May his days be few.” They are the sons of thunder Psalms which call down fire from heaven. So what can imprecatory Psalms teach us today as New Testament Christians when it comes to our prayer lives, especially praying for our enemies? Tune in as I unpack the significance of these Psalms.

Why Do Good Things Happen to Bad People?

Episode 286: It is a question as old as time:  Why does the way of the wicked prosper? Why do all who are treacherous thrive?” (Jeremiah 12:1, ESV) Or to borrow a more common phrasing of a similar question: “Why do good things happen to bad people?” With so much evil in the world, with the prosperity of groups like ISIL who are grossing $1 million dollars a day and corrupt, dare I say treacherous, politicians succeeding and thriving, this is no doubt a question many people have today: Why? Tune in as I explore this important subject.

Today in Church History: The Unjust Execution of Boethius

Question of the Day: Should we avoid trials and temptations?

The Suffering of God

Episode 268: When people suffer, typically it is not arguments or formulae they seek to explain their pain. When people suffer, they are angry, hurt, mad, upset, furious with God. “Why me?” The greatest issue with people and suffering is not intellectual but emotional. Tune in as we explore how God does not try to get Himself “off the hook” with suffering but actually puts Himself on the hook through Jesus.

What is the Meaning of Suffering?

Episode 267: This is the 5th question in the “Six Question to Ask a Skeptic” series of lesson. Everybody suffers at some point in their life. Whether rich or poor, educated or uneducated, regardless of race or sex or religion – everyone suffers. So is there any meaning or significance to the suffering? Tune in as I explore this question and deal with the problem of evil.

Death of a Comedian

Episode 265: Comedian Robin Williams took his own life last week. His frenetic style could be rather blue at times. However, I knew him from his kid-friendly movies like Aladdin and Mrs. Doubtfire. He was brilliant, but tortured by depression. It was ultimately depression which lead to his suicide.

Depression is a serious mental condition which is not to be taken lightly. The church historically has been a haven for the mentally ill. In fact, early church writers considered conditions like depression as primarily a spiritual issue which must be handled with devotion to certain spiritual disciplines (i.e. fasting, prayers, etc.). While there may be a tendency on the part of some to scoff at this idea, we must remember that Christianity is a religion of the mind. We are to love the Lord our God with all our mind (Mark 12.30). Our minds are to be renewed so that we become transformed into the image of Christ (Romans 12.2).

Tragically, many who suffer from depression unfortunately turn to suicide and Robin Williams is a most recent example. Suicide is murder of self and murder is categorically condemned in Scripture (Genesis 9.6; Exodus 20.13; Leviticus 24.21; Deuteronomy 5.17; Luke 18.20; Romans 13.9). Murder is an affront to God because it strikes right at the crown jewel of His creation: His image in man. Suicide is smashing to pieces God’s image in one’s self.

Suicide is a sin. It is not the unforgiveable sin, but a sin nevertheless. Like all sin, it is selfish, focused on the gratification of the irrational thought (there’s the mind again) that the world would be better without me. However, doing yourself in is not doing your loved ones a favor. The grim truth is that family members and loved ones are left heartbroken and grief stricken as they attempt to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives and move forward without this person.